Ford sum up my own SEO search engine optimization experience

note: I am not SEO practitioners nor search engine ranking engineer, I try to mention effective strategies and regular, if there is error, please skip or correct, I do not recommend some of the so-called "black hat" strategy, because it can deceive the search engine a but not for a long time, so do the dumpster or to fast money can be ignored in this paper, the goal of this paper is to hope and to explore together how to create a user and search engine friendly website.

Two document search engine optimization

most worthy of reference: Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide and Baidu search engine optimization guide, this is the two official documents, very worthy of careful study, other documents online too full of misinformation and conjectures (including text, although I tried my best to avoid).

always felt that search engine optimization is a process with the Matthew effect, need to slowly accumulate, the good performance of the website is getting better, so if you have a good website as long operation, if you want to change the domain name, the original link’d do 301 jump to the corresponding link to the new domain name, this is the search engine recommended, you can look at the recent JavaEye switch to iteye domain name, the basic links are made 301 jumps, the user is also very friendly, Robbin students is a SEO master, behind again mentioned another of his genius.

one, link article

rumors hao123 webmaster Li Xingping said "SEO is not what technology, which is on the chain, the chain is how important it is for SEO, we considered the link page called sub page, link to the sub page called the parent page, according to the Google Pagerank algorithm, sub pages of the parent page more authoritative the sub page is higher; the parent page authority of sub pages is higher, the higher authority of the page, a domain name is" "website, because basically all China sites are linked to him, no matter what web sites do, Google PR firmly 10. (don’t try to visit the site, have been abandoned, Bo Tim Tin Mat ah)

in addition to the chain, is also a very important part of the internal links, although there is no effect of the chain so large, can win in their control, add some related links to other pages, in addition to enhance the authority, also can be very good to improve user stickiness, reduce the rate of jump out.

link there is a very important part is the "anchor text", what is the anchor text, such as the link when HowNet, three words HowNet as anchor text, anchor text is very useful to the search engine, because the search engine is very difficult to obtain the key words on a page, the title is the source of access the anchor text is a very important factor, can be very brief.

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