Are you will respect you rookie

very depressed wrote this article. Do stand for nearly a year. And several technical cooperation! Perhaps I have no luck. Or the credibility of the Internet. Nothing more? 06 years. To the QQ space after. I have sought after.07 years due to the persistent let me learn the Flash +PS is very fortunate. Make their own work. To get more development for sure! I want better. I want to make my work can let more people want to make sure the original author of space enthusiasts. A very good exchange. To show their work platform. So I chose to be a QQ station! First. My time is limited. I wouldn’t give up my job for this station! Can not spend so much time to learn HTML. Every day back. To promote project supervision website update. Do 2 modules. It is a luxury! I don’t need the money. Don’t expect You can make a few pot of gold here. Just follow your own interests. Enjoy doing things!


          进入正题吧.这里就以合作过的2个(人才)做例 第一个:大学生.我的第一个站.是让他做的.当时不明白什么是仿站.认为这是份很艰难的工作 开出了350的高价让他帮我仿.而他只是一早就有这个别人提供下载的模板了. 他下了.替我修改下.不到一天时间350就这样赚去了.或许是我傻吧! 我的站就这样做好了.本人认为他的效率不错.人品也还行! 于是提出继续和他合作.以月300的报酬.让他帮我维护些小问题. 我的本意是.我有什么不明白的问问他.并不是修改栏目.HTML之类的 不想整天有什么不明白的地方.别人义务的给你作答. 终于有一 天.被一个黑客看中.在我站上挂了马.侵入我的后台把密码改了 这时的我.只会发文章只了解DEDE的后台是怎样用的.这样的问题我能解决吗? 地球人都会回答是不可能的.我给他发了信息.人不在.打他手机关机了! 2天后.接通了.他说他XX出了点事.现在人在外地.需要几天才能回去! 我和他说.能不能到网吧.帮我解决下这问题先.相信现在的都市每几个会没网吧的吧! 他上网了.帮我看了看.无所事事的说.那时候我让你下载站上的文件.你下载了吧? 我回.下了.他让我把数据库的文件传上去.待他帮我还原. 可悲的是.不足半个小时他人就不只去向了.而我只能等待! 那时候的我也不知 Road webmaster network BBS, then the home page has been deleted. A week later. Finally see him on the line. He helped me restore it, just a few days ago,



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