Careful analysis, do walking in the forefront of the times

in recent days to find a job, a lot of things are very annoying, perhaps many webmaster would like me to encounter this problem, is to find a job or continue to do stand, selection is very difficult, the webmaster every day have a fixed life, enjoy the fun, but the station is not a stable long the occupation, no fixed income, sometimes make you happy, sometimes makes you despair, many webmaster is a group of people wandering in the extreme. Most successful websites are well suited to meeting the specific needs of specific types of users. Do what you love best, and you will persevere. Personal web site can not have too many ideas to make money, the only idea should be to make the site feel the best kind of appearance, your idea into it, not by the views of visitors. When the site has not started to make money, do not consider how to make money, and only when you suddenly find that the site has started to make money for you, then consider the problem of money.

a lot of personal websites can make a lot of money a month, but it’s not a sustainable business form. It’s good business to make your website sustainable and productive. I think there are three areas for web development: one is for professional development, the other is focused on one area. The focus on this area, this one information in the field of Xianfeng; another is the industry, a variety of Chinese industry very much, if each industry focus to do so, the value is very large, for example, I do 28 business network is the industry information station; three is now a local portal station is also a lack of information, personal webmaster do regional portal information station, believe in the future there will be a great harvest. The stationmaster is enjoying the fun of setting up a station, enjoying the surprise brought by the flow. When the flow becomes money, it is a kind of encouragement to the stationmaster.

in fact, to be a successful webmaster is not difficult, the intention to analyze the trend of this industry, to analyze the benefits you stand to customers and businesses, how to do customers back, so that the viscosity of the site. Of course, at present, China’s personal website development also encountered many problems. For example, personal website funds and management. Webmasters are struggling to find some money to stay alive, and can’t take account of the orderly management of their websites without being able to improve themselves. As for profitability, for many personal websites, it is even more likely to be out of reach. At the same time, the continuous growth of the quality of Internet users also makes personal websites at a loss. After more than 10 years of rapid development of the Internet in Chinese, Internet users understanding of network economy from simple to complex, from perceptual to rational, personal website either in content or in terms of human resources, can not meet the needs of users growing.

webmaster best to seriously analyze their own website trend, when your hard work pays off, if you consider a team, or a field of an industry website, perhaps your success will lead the industry in the forefront of the times.

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