How to improve the flow of BBS

I’m talking straight. Love felt too much. Come straight to the point. The ink is not necessary. No effect.! talk to have strength.


, I’ll say, "


these days read a lot of AD articles, read some webmaster to improve the IP, PV article. Think all are stereotyped. (only on behalf of personal view.)

05 to 8 has done less than a few hundred stations. Each station is in front of the home page. Traffic is not very large. Why?


keyword keywords than


first. Do stand. Make sure. What’s the purpose of your station? Entertainment?? skill? Money making?


what kind of people have.


if you want to make money, then you have to choose the keyword, and the site label does not exceed 3 keywords. Otherwise,.

will be confusedHow does

look at the strong and weak key words?

suggested to see the Baidu index search keywords. Whether the flow is very high. He is 3 of the proportion, if the keyword index to 100 thousand

then this keyword can do. At least I think the 100 thousand index keyword can make money. The old webmaster also know these things.


also,.SEO search engines. Do good. (I’ll say no more about that. Back to the subject.)

How does the

flow come?. Ranking is the absolute truth. No matter what keywords you are, if you are first, then you are king.

even if you can’t do first, do the first 3 is not a small amount of it.


one may ask how to do rankings.? up there are many ways to save money can find friends to do advertising. Connect the.


rich friends can go to AD to buy some high quality connections. Remember, don’t touch the link a few months ago. It’s bad for the website.


is only a way to connect. In addition, ranking. Remember to update the time Baidu. Generally 3.

per week

in the first few hours of Baidu update. Do some original articles. Will play a big role in ranking.

original Baidu included opportunities will be high update, you stand snapshot opportunity is very big. Snapshot of the station that day can generally into the top few,.


, let me say another promotion,.

promotion is also a way to improve IP.

QQ chat room, tens of thousands of people a day,.

looks for some super groups to go through the ads (of course, every day at 45 in the middle of the night)

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