How do operate an entrance exam website effectively

        even the PubMed website, row upon row of such sites but the contention of a hundred schools of thought, do the webmaster is still bored, PubMed operators are each doing business, have earned pours. From the test of the hot market and PubMed website "get together" emerge, I can see that the current opportunities to do such a successful site is still great. Even though there are a lot of PubMed website, but the service quality is uneven in quality, outstanding is rare; in addition, the economic crisis brought about by the section force is still grow with each passing day, which has become the strongest "strength" and backing for the PubMed website.

    been involved in such sites for five years, I have relied on the CMS information and PubMed website forum in, now is a good reputation, revenues and profits there are many sources of samples, so that my website has enough buffer to deal with a certain area of market impact. In the operation of my postgraduate entrance examination station, there are some experience and thinking, I believe it is worth sharing and discussing with you.

   : first, the website of graduate entrance examination can be diversified completely. Talk about the diversification of profit of website of grind grind kind, many stationmaster feel at a loss what to do. In fact, the sources of profit for such sites have diversified foundations. Especially in China’s postgraduate recruiting plan continues to expand, grind Redubujian year situation, a multitude of names of remedial classes emerge in an endless stream, the competition is more intense. At the same time, the postgraduate entrance examination books are continuously poured into the market. These conditions have given the graduate entrance examination website very many and very good profit channels, this has not included the placement advertisement and so on the profit way.

,  ,  , such as all kinds of PubMed, PubMed, books and related admissions institutions, are actually potential clients of your website, which provide you with monthly advertising. When you put the site to do fine, do in the field, and gained considerable reputation, traffic to the site will increase rapidly, then the advertising alliance can get lucrative returns.

    second; PubMed website want to be the champion, should take the boutique line. According to my five years of experience, want as soon as possible in the current competition stand head and shoulders above others, can not walk Tandaqiuquan the old routine, because this type of site requires considerable investment, is no longer appropriate to individual owners. At the same time, the existence of powerful competitors, but also make this large-scale site is not our personal advantage. Really should take strategy is to take the professional route, select what you understand and be familiar with the professional, the professional or similar professional around several open examination site, is the so-called "concentrate on doing the trend", "concentrate superior forces" to the precise positioning of the target users, clear site bigger and stronger, through to provide users with a more professional, rich and concentrated.

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