nventory of the world’s leading ten public web sites, the alternative into the model, bright blind


in recent years, all chips in the global rapid development. In 2012, Massolution, an American Research Institute, launched a survey of the public sector in the global arena. The results showed that the global fund-raising platform for the year raised $2 billion 800 million, compared with $1 billion 470 million in 2011. In 2007, the global number of platforms raised less than 100, as of the end of 2012 has more than 700.

at present, both foreign and domestic, cultural and creative industries financing is the main content of the commercial platform for all chips. As the largest platform for the United States to raise the platform, Kickstarter is still dominated by music, film, comics and other related art projects. The same is true of the domestic situation.

the United States as the world’s most important source of financing for all chips, many of its congregation raised platform is also more mature and diverse, the world’s ten well-known public platform to raise, there are 7 from the United states. The following are ten public chips platform profiles, each with its own characteristics, can be used for domestic start-up platform to raise public reference:


Kickstarter, America’s largest and most well-known crowdfunding platform (founded in 2009, the United States): as the world’s leading the congregation raised platform, Kickstarter platform to raise public projects include art, movies, news, arts and crafts, design, fashion, cartoons and other 15 categories. Kickstarter mode of operation is very simple: creative project, that is the provider of funds demand applications on the Kickstarter platform, Kickstarter will conduct an audit of the project, through the post on the website to the public to raise funds.

need funds usually set up a financing and financing target, if the excess is raising the completion of the project, the relevant investors can according to the different price to get the appropriate return, Kickstarter will charge to raise the amount of 5% as commission. If the fund fails to raise the target, the project financing fails and the funds raised will be returned automatically. According to Kickstarter’s official website, in 2013, a total of 3 million people through the platform for investment, the completion of investment projects 19911, with a total investment reached 480 million U. S. dollars.


Upstart, an alternative to the public chips model (April 2012 on-line, the United States):Upstart is a public platform to raise the United States, founder DaveGirouard was president of GoogleEnterprise. Upstart has a very unique business model where funding requirements can be applied to the platform to raise funds, which can be used to repay student loans, pay tuition fees, or start start-up funds. And in return, raise money >

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