ncreasing the rate of return visits is the key to increasing the effectiveness of the site’s users


Adsense nets satisfied reproduced in the article: community web site operators how to allow users to visit. The article mentions the common registered users more and more community website operation process, but the real active users has not increased significantly, on the contrary, many users registered after they did not come again, the number of users is not active but showing growth. In fact, this is not only happening in community websites, but also in all websites and forums. I have noticed a forum before the user statistics, the number of registered over forty thousand, but the actual post users only ten thousand, the ratio of 25%. Then people screened occasionally post according to certain standard ten thousand users of this post and some repeat registered ID (Maga majority), the remaining active users as a valid user site. That is to say, a large forum with a registration volume of 40 thousand, the number of people who really contribute to the forum may be only 6 to 7 thousand people. Although this ratio is not high, the 6 to 7 thousand people have been prosperous enough for a forum. Thus, the blind pursuit of traffic, the pursuit of registration for the actual benefits of the site is not much, only the number of effective users of the site up, in order to have better returns.

there are many ways to improve the effectiveness of users, such as improving the registration mechanism, strengthening the audit of registered users, improve the quality of members, users enter the site "threshold" will be strictly checked. While doing so will reduce the number of registered users of the site, it does reduce the number of invalid garbage users. For some of the more professional, more rigorous website, forum is more applicable. Another important way is to increase the rate of return visits. A good user experience, effective promotion, effective content strategy, appropriate to carry out activities (it is best to set prizes, give users some benefits), establish communication channels and communicate with users…… These acts are an important measure to improve the return rate of the user, because the user experience is poor, poor promotion, website content is not perfect, the phenomenon of lack of interaction with the user to make the user return rate low, less effective user. Bare head to do the station is not good, to know how to operate, know how to promote, know how to optimize, understand the user centric…… Wine again incense, there will be competition, service is not good, know how to promote, users will be robbed by other opponents. Retaining users is the key, and the key to retain effective users is the key.

In fact,

, as a personal choice, perhaps one may choose a wrong thought in passing, will decide your destiny. Maybe one of your little ideas, a small strategy shift, could make a big difference to your website. Creativity is the driving force of anything. It also requires creativity to increase user visits. It may be a simple idea that you can’t easily think of, which will bring you a lot of user visits. Let your users have to visit the visit will bring many benefits to the idea, the site only need to focus on the core work, provide useful products and services for the user, make the user feel it needs the product or service, will use second or three or four times.

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