See a woman of five facebook diagnosis of breast cancer ‘s health network

: one of the "facebook" dimple sign

breast dimple is breast suspensory ligament involvement performance. Because the depth of tumor invasion of breast suspensory ligament, will lead to the loss of elasticity, thereby pulling the skin contracture, causing local depression, the formation of dimpled. Such as the direct invasion of the skin tumor, the same will cause skin depression.

but not all dimple sign are breast cancer, breast chronic inflammation, breast subcutaneous fat necrosis, thrombophlebitis and postoperative scar contracture can also cause skin depression, need careful diagnosis.

"facebook" two: vein expansion

pregnant or lactating women appear unilateral breast vein expansion, often caused by inflammation or malignant tumors, the most common tumor is breast sarcoma, giant fibroma, etc..


three: orange peel syndrome

Invasion of subcutaneous lymph

breast cancer, lymphatic obstruction can cause skin edema, but not with the hair follicles of skin edema, easy to cause the breast surface depression, like orange peel like. At the same time do not rule out the possibility of inflammatory breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer is often more extensive, even involving all the breast.

"facebook" Four: the nipple and areola change

There is a tumor in the lower part of the

nipple, which can cause the nipple to deflect and the nipple sag. Eczematoid breast cancer is the symptom of nipple crusting, scaling, erosion, repeated non healing.

facial mask five: breast local uplift

breast lumps to a certain extent, will uplift the skin surface, with or without skin pigmentation.

if the above symptoms, indicates that breast cancer has developed to the advanced, need to find a specialist examination.

female friend should learn to observe breast self-examination: without the "facebook" like changes, and palpation examination time should be selected in each period after 3~7 days, this time because the breast not abundance, if there is abnormal change, easy touch. The most popular female lovers sleeping woman underwear hot paper test how dirty she has 5 things the lower half of the enemy

and 3 breast bed

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