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2009 is the year of cattle, many friends know that friends will bring a lot of traffic, or do it easy to make money after starting.

has a lot of friends with great expectations, and then he has made his own dating network. He looks forward to making money in my dating platform,.

geomantic omen studies the laws of temporal and spatial variation of the environment. Even though space remains unchanged, time flows. Geomantic omen uses the square of eight diagrams to express space, and uses three yuan and nine words to express time. All things move in time and space.

Feng Shui science can best express the spatial variation of the large is Xuankong hexagram, also known as the 99 and eighty-one step yardstick. It is according to the date when the element, with nine cyclic unfolding operation. Nine are: White Star wolf, black star jumen, Bi Paul star, green star, star Huanglian Zhen Wu Qu Xing, white, red star torn, white zoph star, purple star right pil. So not to say some things do, or that other people can not see, and someone got a number of other.

Wangzhuan friendsDating innumerable

now and I think if you really want to do, and have the confidence to do, you should do the local friends, especially in his hometown, so because his understanding of all aspects, all ready to add your station, there will be a good beginning! "/p>

here are some of the rules I thought about, and I hope it works for you,

, the only "Bangui found dating community" section of the party convened party photo upload; friends style, marriage, personal, community discovery dating registered members met to discuss and communicate with friends.

two, this version of irrigation is strictly prohibited, please flood Posts published in the "version of the area, or as boundless as the sea and sky" will be heavy baby cake.

three, when you publish the topic posts in this edition, please choose the topic classification. The topic classification is as follows:

[Party discussion], such as an intentional gathering in a region, and the classification under uncertainty of the actual time and address. Intention party time should be within 30 days, such as May may discuss June sometime party, but not discuss after July, month, span is too big, variable big.


] at the party party notice of intention, time and location is determined, by Party organizers or promoters of the post classification, a party plan time and place clear must post, the number of participants, the organizers staff list, telephone contact etc..


] party for map party photos, can be in the party who agreed to post, once the post, all uploaded photos must be published in the all party posts, shall not open another post, otherwise it will be merged; upload attachments or personal photos, once uploaded, will no longer be deleted.

party rewards system:

has a cookie award system for a party organizer in a region; the cookie 100->