How does individual stationmaster hold the website profit

Hello, I chat with you today is the knight, owners how to earn money! First ask you a question: the new Adsense, there are several month to rely on the website to earn 2000? We all know that Internet money is not so simple, do need to invest the net platform ticket, investment is not only energy or money


knight in 07 years, put in half a year, and then earn about 8000 monthly. Not until the second half of the 08 year did the financial crisis stop making money. After months of losing money, the crisis took place in a few months. Money is not easy to earn money on so few people generally do! Each hot key, ranking in dozens of less can earn some money! Site on our website can put ads, of course you don’t want to put advertising talent flow.

like "Knight, Adsense station" is to make traffic, and other people IDC is willing to advertise on your website. Now Baidu search "webmaster", Knight Webmaster Station has been ranked in the home page. Now website make money has two options, one is a single keyword, such as: Wangzhuan forum, campus network, QQ space code keyword can row on the first page could earn some money. The website has flow, it is kingly way. The way others teach, he can’t tell you if he can make money. Just in theory, in line with point logic, it is really difficult to implement the webmaster.

any website can not break away from the traffic flow, good profit model is not! Web site content rich, optimized to do, can do station traffic! Don’t think to start making money, to learn the basic skills to do station, station road is very long.

One day I

Knight manual update 100 pages or so, insist on more than half a year, only one station, which is now the personal webmaster can do it? Most of the owners are not collected, either manually update a day more than a dozen articles. Many webmaster according to my method can persist in a few days, adhere to six months to die, so the method may not be suitable for all people, a method can not grasp the webmaster more! Recently, Knight made a mass software, will be successful in two or three months!

do webmaster or actual some better, we slowly, find a good project, persist for more than three years. The better the general project, the individual owners can not be implemented, each project is to support technology and innovation, and then slowly down to stop the flow, do stand is a periodic long project, there is no night off.

Knight thinks: "if three years later, doing a website to earn W is good.". Low vision, good target positioning, strong implementation ah, do stand summary: find the right way, adhere to, adhere to, and then adhere to, improve, and then improve. Even if you collect the line, the collection must have methods, but collection is more difficult to do professional, difficult to do brand, and people tend to become lazy, ha ha,


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