Fuzhou makeup school how to do online education platform

Fuzhou makeup school online education is in the air of the current period, many enterprises in Fuzhou early makeup school training company (http://s.nibajia.com/) have Fuzhou makeup school transformation Fuzhou makeup school online education, based on Internet technology to the enterprise customers more products experience. However, since it is Fuzhou make-up school transformation to the line, there will be no depth of operations, this part of the short board of traditional enterprises. How to do the operation well,

operation ideas

operation planning can start from two aspects:

1, around the B end user needs, to help enterprise customers to create learning organization, and to train the user habits, and create the basis of C side operation;

2, fine distribution operations, the addition of new operating rules, moderately break barriers among enterprises, and strengthen the C side operations, while establishing a product accreditation learning evaluation system. Click here for more: (Fuzhou makeup training operation http://s.bddtpm.com/)

routine task mechanism settings

Fuzhou makeup school training company itself in content based on the advantages of B client for the enterprise of Fuzhou makeup school training and employee learning needs, design the corresponding employee learning and growth path system:

1, systematic learning task design,

companies need to consider the conventional Fuzhou makeup school staff training and self-study, fragmentation, Fuzhou makeup school training system of special subject, for individuals, departments of Fuzhou makeup school training, the formation of individual systematic learning tasks, departments to learn systematic tasks. Task – based design correspondence mechanism, users (staff) and departments in the task-based, game – based form of curriculum learning.

2, interactive settings

In order to stimulate the output of active employees (active users),

designs a reward offering task to form and promote a positive interaction between users (employees);

The mutual assistance mechanism of

users (mutual assistance between upper and lower levels);

user learning sharing mechanism (learning experience sharing, topic communication, curriculum based topic design and user discussion, etc.)

user incentive design

focuses on the design of incentive mechanism of two points: one is the formation mechanism of PK learning between users, two is to work with enterprise talent assessment and incentive mechanism combined; the former is based on human nature (display) design to stimulate active users, which is borrowed from administrative incentive intensity.

1, hierarchy

for learning the task, and interaction design corresponding rating system, learning assessment into the next level of learning is completed, or has a certain authority; a effective segment of users, the formation of Panzhihua.