Take a step to deal with the problem as boundless as the sea and sky is the key to solve the dispute

every industry is not perfect. It is impossible for all the problems to be properly solved, so we often hear some industry disputes and do the same. Whether it is virtual Internet or real life, it is difficult to avoid, depending on how the parties to resolve the incident. All say, do stand, such as life, Adsense in the website management and daily affairs processing, everywhere embodies personal style.


served as moderator at the A5 forum bbs.admin5.com, often see some "expose" posts in the forum, said nothing more than the contents of a company are not good, an alliance is a liar, how ID and so on, to expose the posts regularly, but post the truth behind it is people can be clear at a glance. Often there will be a reported company or alliance to find us, ask for deletion of the post, saying that the report is not true, the company’s great impact, and so on, similar things have occurred.

as webmaster

know that the station is not easy, the account was closed, traffic inexplicable decrease are common, earning money is not easy. Webmasters are called grassroots webmaster, means that the webmaster is alone, no organization, no team, is alone, is the weak in the dispute. Encountered disputes, there is no one can promptly solve the problem of the third party rights platform, can only solve its own way. Although it is said that through legal weapons to safeguard rights and interests, but it is easier said than done, after all, is difficult, especially in the Internet related laws and regulations are not perfect today, activist is not easy.

then, the webmaster encountered problems, only to the major BBS post, "reveal" a company, express yourself wronged". As a result, the other can not get compensation, then broke each other’s reputation will suffer. The post does not want to solve the problem, this is a negative way. Secondly, I hope not to repeat the same mistakes later, warning future generations, so, the intention is positive.

at this time, the webmaster might as well calm down, thinking about the dispute before and after the whole story. If you are not, improper operation, not impulsive, correct yourself. After all, the other side is not easy, not to fight for breath and tangled for too long. If you are right, then you must collect evidence, data, screenshots, dialogue, information, etc., a post to explain the whole story clearly. And then communicate with each other, it really can not, and then "expose", after all, you are such a post, will have a very big impact on each other, so please be careful.

as reported company or alliance

"customer is God", believe that every company and alliance are aware of this truth, unless a company already, or really "bluff and deceive" not deliberately offend customers. In solving a problem, no consensus and customer, or a customer does not meet the requirements, the two sides part. May be the company’s products may be the user is not satisfied, the service is not in place, may be different views, there is no unified opinion in short, the two sides had a falling out.

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