Questioned the legitimacy to deal with illegal sites throughout the telecommunications network fault

questioned the legality of China Telecom’s handling of the entire computer room breaking network in dealing with illegal websites. Who protects the rights of legitimate sites,


December 5, 2009 1 a.m., Caobao Road telecommunications room the broken network (though the sealing of the port 80) cause all managed in the room can not access the site, said IDC Telecom will check on each server.

December 8, 2009 around 6 p.m., in the absence of any notification, the Caobao Road Telecom machine room was broken whole network, this time is not only sealed 80 ports. IDC said the CCTV interview tomorrow, the telecom net. What time release unpredictable.

is not only the Caobao Road telecommunications room, all over the country recently had a lot of room room off the network behavior, this behavior will seriously hinder the healthy development of the Internet Chinese, also damaged the Telecom as a quasi government departments in the people’s image. China has no problem in punishing illegal websites, and everyone supports it. The question is Telecom indiscriminate early. The whole room to give away, across the board, even this behavior is unacceptable! This behavior is legitimate?


although I am not a law school, but I think this is absolutely not legitimate! Melamine problems last year like you, punish the illegal milk company can, you can put all the milk company blocked? Now the China Telecom is clearly put all of the milk company blocked. Legitimate sites interests have been violated by telecom highfalutin reasons! Off the net on the site and a shop was closed to the same business, I want to ask about telecom executives, if you are a legitimate webmaster, you are unable to access the site because the room block, you are what kind of experience


China has been advocating the rule of law and society ruled by law. The China Telecom across the board, even blocked room acts against the legitimate rights and interests of legitimate sites, China Telecom can say that he is acting in accordance with the law? As a victim, we need to unite against such illegal acts, the telecommunication to suffer collective legal website public apology.

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