The children helping to build business platform Tunchang farm was established in Haikou

now society, entrepreneurship needs to have a good entrepreneurial environment, and now the government is also actively building a good business platform to help the majority of entrepreneurs who want to complete the business.

Young children more than

in order to run the foundation, Chen Andong contacted many inside and outside the province of success Nanlv farm children, called on everyone to contribute money to the fund will do. The children of Nan Lu farm youth foundation members have more than and 120 people, "the next step, we also want to fund bigger, more contact Nanlv farm children to join in, we work together to help more children of farm need help." Chen Andong said.

for the majority of entrepreneurs, a communication platform that helping entrepreneurs there is actually in order to encourage and promote a lot of entrepreneurs to set up business, this business exchange platform should be around the reference.


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