Several websites not to be made in 2009

first: a big touch ball site

many sites rely on walking a fine line to attract click, most likely to be walking a fine line, and most likely to be sentenced to death include yellow, poison, reactionary, as long as your site involves the ranks, I believe the website from the death of the day really is not far away, now the relevant departments of the the content of Internet supervision is increasingly standardized, admittedly, some sites rely on walking a fine line to attract some attention, but the slightest mistake will fall into the doomed eternally, so suggest the webmaster in 09 years or honestly do normal useful content.

second kinds: "copycat" kind of website

any successful website has the opportunity to borrow, but also has its own unique selling point. Shanzhai sites, including boutiques, can be successful on websites that stand on the shoulders of giants. The most vulnerable Shanzhai site here means no innovation, what others do, and nothing new, equivalent to a simple COPY version. You can imagine, since there is a better than you, the same type of Web site, why do users have to browse your web site,


cottage is to go beyond, rather than simply imitate, I believe that smart webmaster who can appreciate this meaning.

third: with "color" attractive website

When the content of

winning network era of instant arrival, all doors began to play the contents of the war; when fighting too close, some improper way out, by some "rape" some "portrait" some "Incest" some "abnormal" to attract the attention of netizens! It can only be used in this way now? Even I admired Tencent, will let me feel not vulgar Nai! Maybe someone will say "flies do not stare at seamless eggs, because too many people love to see these things, is it really? Do not want this! That is the quasi pornographic website and those entering the mandatory pop-up pictures when porn sites are not fit to be seen, completely sealed, these techniques seem useful.

fourth: in the "SEO" madness website

SEO is not a popular word, but the webmaster will talk related to SEO, but also the whole site on no ground for blame, some web stack keywords, hidden connection and some low-level approach, speed grabs more keywords ranking, do so in the short term there is a certain effect, after all, most web sites are pointing to Baidu and Google IP the two search engines. But what’s the long-term effect of doing this,


first through online search engine into your site, your site first impression of users is deceived, because the content and keywords is far from, you think, next time will come to your website users? No support from friends, the site from the death of the period is not far away. Even if not be net friends do not kill you, excessive piling keywords, SEO too much, Baidu >

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