The flow is serious, forcing Taobao union reform

at the end of last year, Taobao players should know, the Taobao alliance conducted a very large-scale reform. The change for the Taobao customers greater impact is divided into three, one forced jump love Taobao, two in the double 12 days before the full line of recovery of cross store settlement authority, three is to promote before the channel for the record.


want to crack down on small Taobao customers,


at first glance, the customization of these rules, raised a lot of small Taobao customers to promote the threshold, in fact, in-depth data analysis, the alliance’s approach is not in order to crack down on small Taobao customers. Instead, it is designed to curb traffic predators and regulate the market.

Why does

curb flooding?

what is flooding? My definition is: all inaccurate traffic is pan flow. And some traffic predators to Taobao injected traffic mostly pan flow. For example, take hao123 as an example:

from the picture above, we can see that hao123’s home page has two Tmall portals, all connected by Taobao. We all know hao123 traffic is 10 million level, and many users have become accustomed to directly from navigation class site into Tmall home page, because their browser home page will be guided set to navigation station!


before the recovery of Cross shop settlement authority, Tmall is the total settlement, such as the pan traffic navigation site, the daily income is not high! Then, we ask the merchants and users, they like to send the money to the site of


businesses are naturally reluctant to, your promotion is Tmall, what I would like to give you the money! Users, nature is completely unaware of, if I know, I believe it is not willing to, after all I just with you this platform into Tmall, but when I buy a product you did not give me any help to you, what a part from my shopping section in


last year’s double eleven, do not know how much the Tmall business out of a lot of "money" to the flow of this kind, so before Taobao Union has not issued the policy, their priority is to come up with countermeasures, the General Planning Commission were transferred to the lowest


of course, the flow is not only the normal flow, there are some illegal traffic, such as hijacking, promotion and so on, in the ownership when cross shop settlement rights, promotion of cheating circles popular saying: many of their PID in cookis more users as much as possible flow is equal to the money, not! And


these flows do not have the user experience not to say, the merchant’s benefit is also suffered the heavy losses, therefore compelled the Taobao alliance to have to make the drastic reform.

can you reapply for cross – store settlement rights,

?The answer is of course

can! But you have to use gold Amoy promotion, we come to apply for a new alliance Cross shop settlement authority requirements: >

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