Talking about the feeling of the website called garbage station

to tell you the truth, Xin worked hard and stood up. In the end, others looked at their own station and said it was a garbage station. Think about it, if it were you, what would it be like?

can recognize their own website really looks like a garbage station, but honestly, I own this station domain name registration has been a year, although at the time of registration of the domain name, also only one yuan, but did not know what the construction site for a person, a domain name yuan, but also very expensive, because in addition to the domain name, space, and website template, these are called people to spend money to buy and do a lot of money, add up to is the words.

for a site familiar with the operation of people, it must be money to do, the station will not be lost in vain, and for a web site novice, it is not the same. To be honest, I used my own registered rice to do 5 stops, 4 of which were done at the same station, and the first 3 were paid for. Others do the template, they are operating the website for a period of time, generally 1-2 months, most of the time to do a day site traffic around 2500-4000IP, the maximum is in 15000, but due to various reasons, deleted site procedures, other procedures to re upload done. At the time of the abandonment of these procedures, they were very reluctant. But there is no way, because some template function some because the site was hacked, resulting in part of the program can not be used, and not because the database backup; some do not choose to visit the web site database is too large, super slow, and I can not convert the database. Do the fourth station, is the Internet to download a free template to do, just do a period of time, website content updates to the more than 3000 part of the database do not accidentally deleted, do not have to re do now can also have fifth website, hope not what happened.

really, after prolonged exposure and exploration, oneself also understand some basic common sense do stand, some relatively simple problems, will know how to deal with, not what all don’t understand, people call it, others can not help you get free, so it is a headache. Site traffic now, although not done before, to 4000IP traffic, but as long as their own good to do, it should also do better.

just felt that it was not very much in the mind, that is, others said their website is a garbage station. Although I said the content on the website are collected from the network, but I was all an article in the Internet to find a hair up, although the sections and the article seems very complicated mess, but this is their own do not understand in the case to do, then still need to spend a lot of time. The site tidy, make people look comfortable!

, however, no matter how other people go to see their own station, even if the garbage station is good, this is after all the hard work of the first station, so no matter how!

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