The cause of breast hyperplasia extrusion line that only reliable breast health network

first heard business line, Xiao Bian thought refers to the palm lines, later that refers to the cleavage, Xiao Bian stunned, this let these a woman too much to handle, and later, a friend told me to buy small number of underwear, to the middle of the chest is crowded, "immediate business line.

, however, some experts say, long-term squeeze career line will not only hinder the chest breathing, as well as may lead to breast hyperplasia.

business line out of breast hyperplasia

A woman for

cleavage, is flawed. Every day can only rely on the crowd to reveal fascinating cleavage. But the long-term squeeze will make the chest, lymph circulation within the breast, blood is not smooth, it may also lead to severe breast hyperplasia.

In order to squeeze

cleavage, many woman will choose effect underwear — shaping underwear is the major modification of the curves of the body, it can turn back, chest side extra meat to the chest, the chest look more plump. But this is extremely detrimental to the development of the breast. It will destroy the blood circulation system, so that the breast blood circulation is not sufficient, the oppression of the breast, the lower part of the breast blood stasis caused by breast swelling and pain. This is especially important for girls at puberty, which can directly affect breast development.

squeeze career line will hypoxia

non extrusion cleavage normal, the chest can not expand, the lung tissue due to microcirculation cannot fully stretch, reduce the amount of air inhaled, prone to hypoxia, so long-term wear shaping underwear of women, it would produce a suffocated feeling, affect their respiratory system.

squeeze career line affect lactation

will let the cleavage squeeze breast ductal fiber bundle and prolonged pressure, thus affecting postpartum milk secretion and excretion, directly affect the future of nursing.

in recent years, the high incidence of breast disease alert us to do breast protection measures, bad habits is one of the main causes of breast disease.

attractive business line by extrusion is not only detrimental to health, but palliatives. Use the following methods, you can master the nature of the "business line".

push ups: push ups is a kind of strength training, in fact, does not make the breast enlargement, but through exercise can make the breast under the chest muscle growth, the pectoral muscles will increase the breast looks outstanding, becomes fullness of the chest, and can increase the elasticity.

action Essentials: lift your feet and leaned forward, his hands shoulder width apart and waist to keep the back straight, tighten the buttocks; bent arm, the body down, and then slowly upward, back in situ.

: dumbbell exercise with dumbbell push ups principle is the same, is to increase the chest muscles, in order to achieve the purpose of breast.

operation essentials: hands each hold a dumbbell stand, feet small amplitude open,  . The body slowly forward >

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