Mind wandering if you are a successful stationmaster

last night with a friends in the chat, almost no nonsense, I said some things with my philosophy of leftist ideology, perhaps the master blows no beautiful moves, only qiaosheruhuang against. I don’t know who he is, but I think he’s an idea man, maybe a successful stationmaster. In the conversation, I left a sentence: I do not easily try. This sentence makes me a daydream, in my mind I regard him as a master of


suppose he’s a good player,


suppose he’s a successful station owner,


I deduced that he was a master, had made a successful website and wanted to try something, but he didn’t dare to mess it up.

if a man succeeds, he will feel he is right, and if he is wrong, then his own success comes. Think that what you foresee or do is right, despite the fact that the Internet has changed. Rely on their own experience to do, is not willing to change the status quo and inherent, still according to their own experience or foresee go altogether. I am not qualified to comment on what others are right or wrong. As a spectator, I may be even clearer.

I think a successful webmaster, not only good at predicting the direction of the Internet, but also better at the development trend of the Internet, in time to change the existing foresight, as well as experience. When many people are still confused, they have to step forward, make changes, jump out of their own way of thinking, and make a different angle. Perhaps they can go up to the next floor.

I used to search a Guo sister chat, she once said: a successful webmaster to maintain grassroots mentality. I feel very correct, as long as I do not look too high, there will be a failure of individuals. Ma business ability is very fierce, but bought 1 billion of YAHOO China, there are some failures. But on the whole, he is successful, and e-commerce has become C2C into B2C, so now we have integrity.

learns to change, learn to change thinking. I dedicate this sentence to those successful webmaster, if the site has been open for a long time, the appropriate changes to the next version, it is best to interact with some Internet users.

also dedicated this sentence to those who failed, and now did not succeed, as long as the change of some wrong experiences, wrong ideas, the future is also successful webmaster.

say two words, in the webmaster mixed for a few years, and how much, the Senate realized some truth: Shou and attack, soft and hard, sparse and guide. Give this sentence to someone who understands it. Don’t ask me how to explain it. I can’t explain it to you, so I’ll learn by myself. AD, I want to be the editor of news and webmaster information. I’d like to send an email to [email protected] I’ll come back. I believe your eyes and trust my ability.


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