One of the understatement of network marketing strategy Database Marketing

talk casually, here is the Yangzhou SEO a little experience, the way we SEO or network marketing, the network marketing methods are different, Yangzhou SEO will gradually introduce several kinds of network marketing, database marketing is described below.

one, database marketing features


can control the way, lack of publicity: Based on the database collection, integration, integration of target customers and potential customers well, adopt different ways of penetration of our products to these customers according to the specific situation. The "controllable" is based on different customer’s way and method of control, that is non-public marketing methods and means, the effect can be achieved in a peer to peer way to run.

2, competition concealment: take the point-to-point mode of marketing, thus avoiding the price comparison between competitors, service contrast, of course, customers can consult, but the face is ready to fight, our winning is very big. It’s said, do not fight no battle unprepared, doing business is the same, is to seize the business opportunities first mover advantage.

3, diversified marketing channels: channel diversification, according to marketing mode, can also according to the specific event marketing, can according to the nature of the marketing decision, such as the marketing way by mail, for specific events, according to the nature can do seasonal, holiday marketing, promotional marketing etc..

4, the cost is small, the benefit is biggest: no matter who does the marketing plan, can consider the cost and the profit question, the database marketing characteristic has decided his nature, has decided the interest rate even more. The integration of the database, according to the people marketing, so here we will save the population specific costs, marketing means if by mail, this is not what the cost, this also determines the characteristics of his marketing database marketing "the biggest cost is small, the interests of the".

5, scientific and technological value, high technology content: the integration of customer resources, we will integrate the technical resources, we can through their own database, from their own skills do not understand the technical expertise. In this way, through marketing, we can also our latest technology for the crowd marketing, here also reflects the technical integration, technological innovation.

The integrated marketing strategy of

6 and flexible: there is a large database, we can not only database marketing, can also through other methods such as marketing, event marketing, marketing group, meager marketing, forum marketing, B2B marketing, social marketing and so on.

two, database marketing, database resource collection,

talking about network marketing, then we will start from the network marketing strategy.

1, nepotism network: we do believe that SEO, including other network industry masters should know the importance of nepotism, if we have no other resources, you can only rely on your own relationship such as nepotism, shares, partner >

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