Rookie notes for the last day of July

a year ago, I know ADMIN5, but never write something out! Because I was not also do not know what to write, every day on the ADMIN article, see a lot of predecessors articles, feeling very good! But I didn’t learn, I really want this I quickly fly high school rookie! Today I dare to write a piece of rookie do stand experience


I prefer computers, I know little about computers, but I like it from the bottom of my heart. I love it as a station. I remember it was 07. CN domain name began to engage in one yuan activity. I’m so happy. I bought it only a little HTML HTML wrote a page at that time, the Internet to find a lot of special code! Find a free space, this is my first stop! I think also very funny o (a _ U) O is that Baidu also remember… That included a page of the station was also depressed! If a page of a page that is not dead! Due to poor technology has been not touched that station, to this year the rice has expired…… Slowly began to understand, do standing knowledge, in QQ ask this every day, ask that seems to have no master, I am a little disappointed. He found a good webmaster for him for a long time no line I forget what his name first! Heartfelt thank him here, he told the station that is CMS can be used to do several kinds! I according to what he said are downloaded a, in the machine debugging environment often CMS the system is installed in an experience. CMS is really easy to use, and do almost blog, but also can generate HTML pages, then feeling really cattle ah, so simple can do the station!


tell me about the station I’m doing now. I’ve done it around March. That’s still at school. Every week, I get it. In school, the students are talking about the mainstream, the non mainstream. I don’t really like the non mainstream, especially when I see guys dressed up as non mainstream. But a lot of people talking about this, I feel this to be a station will not flow? (naive) in the rest of the time I bought a foreign space (cheap) and spent 1 yuan to buy a the CN meters! Upload a DEDECMS, from the Internet to find a template to a change you! A week to add a little thing! Did not submit to Baidu, Baidu has also not included! There are several IP are also known to my friends! So heavy in March to July it has not. It’s time for a rest. Every day, no matter what you do, and I think that station! Think since there is no traffic as redo! Taking a few days CMS I have made, I personally think that the forum forum! The information interaction is relatively strong, the single station for others to see me stand up. Choose DZ, add a section, do I have to open the forum template! My forum theme is non mainstream just to understand the PS, I do.

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