Wang Jian how should the webmaster do the classified information website

with the rise of local stations, more and more classification sites. Because of the particularity of the classification of the site itself, leading to many owners in the process of development in. Well, how to do a classification site, the author and today we discuss.

one, how to operate?. First of all, the classification site should do its own content, the content of the release should be close to people’s lives. Decide what content to publish from the user’s point of view. Such as renting, tutoring, secondhand goods, job hunting, etc.. In addition, to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of information, if the information of the website brings economic loss to the user, it is very easy to cause the user’s aversion. If sufficient funds, you can be equipped with special personnel to strictly examine the information. The website column must be clear and clear, can let the user the first time find what thing or service that oneself need. For example, if a user wants to buy a computer that costs 1000 yuan, then your class must have an optional price to enhance the user experience. In addition, to set up their own forums, train users, let users give you publicity.

two, how to promote?. Do a good job of the site’s search engine optimization, avoid excessive optimization, resulting in Web sites by K. Followed by some commonly used methods of promotion, such as BBS promotion, blog promotion, mail promotion, writing soft Wen and so on. Online promotion at the same time under the line to promote, such as issuing leaflets, posters, and local government and news media organizations good relations, mutually beneficial cooperation. These promotional methods are commonplace, other methods need to explore, not to mention.

three, how profitable?. 1., the simplest is to rent advertising spaces. 2. do the bidding, such as 1 yuan top etc.. 3., for enterprise construction and promotion, earn a certain commission. 4. development agent, collect agency fee.

in short, with the development of information technology, the advantages of classified information websites will gradually emerge.

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