Food network six years without fear of Baidu, still insist

about my website Xi’an delicacy network, founded in July 2, 2006, starting with recipes, recipes that are few websites, in order to recipe resources, bought a few thousand dollars a recipe book, hand up, was not only a digital camera, scanner to scan the menu picture, can be said that now many recipes on the Internet from my website, I did not know that I was the original, and later founded the Baidu encyclopedia, more than 7000 menu entry from my website, I don’t know what to do when the chain, so users are reproduced, now Baidu encyclopedia and hundreds of self standing entries.


food network, Xi’an, 2007

mid 2007 website traffic basically at more than 10 thousand IP, our station has launched a number of topics, free E-Cookbook book downloads 50 thousand times, such a website, 2007 received Baidu bidding promotion phone, I refused, because it was the site of a purely public recipe website, I wouldn’t hang advertising, is interested, no profit estimate is called a delicacy in Xi’an network, so refused promotion phone, then a week, my site in Baidu search engine disappeared, searching for advice, to know the site was K, originally non profit website, so they do not care about, ask a friend in 2008 June, I wrote a letter to Baidu asked the reason, and asked whether because they do not participate in bidding is deleted, attached to the clerk telephone and other relevant letter to contact me Information, I believe that Baidu is a fair search engine, there should not be this time, this letter seems to have a certain role, shortly after a few days, my site estimates restored included, which makes me believe that Baidu is a fair search engine, some unethical business to do the immoral things, only Baidu know, that will give you a fair deal with the results, but in January 2009, a good times don’t last long, Baidu promotion phone again, I said that I think the site is not as an excuse to avoid the occurrence of K, very good, I found my site has not K, I found that I really smart, but it did not flow, flow, I am not here to say what Baidu did, maybe my site is a problem, first to find the cause in itself, the reason is for 3 years, in This 3 years, Baidu included regular numbers fluctuate around 100, this update is more than 100 less than more than 100, the next update, always maintain that in about 50 thousand pages, included 50 thousand every day, through the Baidu search engine brings IP absolutely not more than 200, Xi’an is now the main delicacy network traffic from Google and SOSO and SOGOU, fully appreciate the Baidu is the first major search engine, through the Baidu search volume less than SOSO 1/5, not to mention Google, said Baidu included fast, is the best Chinese search engine, but the result is Baidu 6 years can be maintained at around 50 thousand, and the more it is less, the most.

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