Three major points for beginners to make English Websites

recently read a few friends of the E station, found some common problems, but these problems are important issues that can not be ignored, but novice is especially prone to problems, so write this article, only to remind everyone in E the attention station


note 1, coding questions: please open IE—— view – source code, find the following code:

< META HTTP-EQUIV=" content-type" CONTENT="; text/html; charset=gb2312" >

please pay attention to the red part, if you are "GB2312", then please immediately changed to "UTF-8" or "ISO-8859-1" (recommended the use of "UTF-8"), then why do so modified? It is because "GB2312" is Chinese encoding, the foreigner browser without this file will be garbled or compile think about when you are prompted to download, a Japanese website, is not encountered a similar situation? You want to put the site closed, so this is an important issue of


note two, volume: if you think the web page SIZE, search engines and visitors will love? They love slim! How to give you "said weight? I use this online tool: Web Page Analyzer

After the

check, it will analyze your files that are too large and will tell you how long to open at different speeds. Use them well, and remember that customers and search engines will love slim websites.

note three, link: said here is the dead links to be checked before the new station put up, let the chain reduce to zero, then you will get a better trust value! There are many link checking tools, here I introduce a foreign tool: XENU

is a good tool, Xenu Link Sleuth is perhaps the smallest but most powerful check site you’ve ever seen, dead link software. You can open a local web page file to check its link, or you can enter any URL to check, such as It can list the live links and dead links of the station, and analyze the links directly. It supports multithreading and can store the results as text files or web documents. In short, it’s powerful enough to go a little too far. If you don’t believe it, please enter your site

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