Seller must see baby details page optimization should pay attention to what

baby details page is the most important factor affecting the conversion rate, to do baby details page optimization, it is necessary to have sufficient understanding of buyers. Then, buyers are most concerned about what information? Through the data analysis, the buyer for different types of merchandise picture demand is very large, therefore, optimization, must do so baby pictures, pictures of the needs of buyers is? The following concrete analysis.

1. Analysis of the level of demand for different types of baby buyers (take four hot industries as an example):

1, buyers’ demand for women’s industry details page picture content;

2, buyers’ demand for beauty industry details page picture content;

3, buyers’ demand for furniture industry details page picture content;

4: buyer’s level of demand for digital industry details, pages, pictures, and content;

from the data above we can see that buyers of many different types of goods have picture requirements, picture information can be more intuitive transmission of information to customers. Therefore, to optimize the baby details page, baby picture information is essential, but also to ensure the overall picture, such as: the details of the plan, making plans, display and so on, can let the customer understand our products, we can effectively improve the conversion rate. However, it should be noted that do not pile up too many pictures, or pictures too large, so as not to affect the opening speed of the page, otherwise, the buyer has not opened the page before jumping out. Here’s how the picture affects the loading speed:

two and picture size affect traffic response

in the baby picture optimization process, not only to ensure the richness of the picture, but also to maximize the page loading speed. So how do we do that? We can control the size of the picture, modify the type of the picture, increase the loading speed, and improve the user experience.

three, Taobao official advice on master and auxiliary drawings

baby pictures is the most important baby details page information, is the key factor to affect the conversion rate, we can according to the needs of buyers, to determine the number of different types of baby pictures and order, and ensure the loading speed of the page, retain more customers to shop more orders from Taobao! Worry please indicate the


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