Alternative thinking to see the traditional enterprise electricity supplier

haven’t seriously wrote something, as the saying goes, God closes a door for you always secretly to leave you a window, you see the key can not be found, what kind of attitude.

life of many disappointments, but let people stop thinking.

online shop under the glasses for a long time, the environment here is also a certain understanding, and can barely try to write the next line of optical shops electricity supplier of the problem.

friendship tips, the author is not what great God, and not necessarily true what dry goods, the following things can feel free to listen to, I think you can not fart.

said some difference between retail and online retail line, sometimes we must understand that online and offline retail retail differences are as different as the army and air force, is completely unrelated to the two parallel lines, do not use management thinking to manage the army air force, both can cooperate, but can not be generalized. If you are really determined to do online retail, the first step is to remove the water from the cup, and then add.

next, according to the idea of chasing girls, said the line of optical stores under the electricity supplier.

suddenly remembered the young Mentality — inside said the biggest secret pheasant chasing girls is bold but cautious thick skinned. In fact, no matter what you do, the mentality is very important, a good state of mind for you next to many things are playing a vital role. Do business, do not expect you will have anything to benefit the masses of noble sentiments, but the basic principles still have, and serious and responsible is the minimum attitude. Others wear your glasses, and you are also responsible for others’ eyes. Quote from the October siege, Li Yutang said: "you do not lose me, I will not you."". Many people will feel with this kind of mentality some silly, if you don’t complain that there’s not a fan line. It can be said the fearless of death for a just cause. I like to play chess, play chess, take a step, see the three step, and take care of the situation. No matter what you do, don’t forget to keep your eyes open for the long run.

know each other – a lot of people at the beginning of planning the love from the market, whether you actually discuss the market prospect of much more beautiful, if you cannot attract him, this market is not half dime with you. The girl is very beautiful. It has nothing to do with you. In fact, if you really can not attract each other, then lost to all sense of shame will only make people more despise you, some stories can only exist in the novels and TV inside, not too naive. Attract one’s biggest premise is to her understanding of the customer, the geographical distribution, your age, gender, income level, love shopping, said something like big data, in fact, the most simple and effective way is to develop the questionnaire, some specific issues, some of the prize questionnaire, do some the investigation on the formulation of your customer groups, and then count about their preferences, habits, ways of thinking, said only to.

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