The CEO of primary school culture is creating an online Marvel

‘s first online venture,

network business, so far is basically to stay over the ocean, or the local high degree, but also have at least bachelor degree, in addition to the so-called do not understand computer like Ma, but at least he is university teacher, the world can not find the cultural level such as I, according to the current education system I was in primary school, did not graduate, according to the original rural education system, I read the book for five and a half years and dropped out of school because of the poor.

What is the cause of the

in 1999 the traditional business is not ideal, there is no clear objectives, just walked into the Zhejiang library, the results had such love on the Internet, the network has always felt the opportunity, in the 99 year to set up the "computer goggles" monopoly shop, although when the network environment is not particularly desirable, Internet users no more, also a few thousand dollars a year sales turnover, but the traditional business with my mind, is unable to meet the development conditions, in 2000 when I had the privilege to participate in the Zhejiang network contest third Rong wealth. So, in the next network winter came, also closed the glasses store. In this way, the first network business ended, but I learned a lot of network concepts, but also laid a good foundation for the future. At the same time, so unknown, concerned about the gradual development of the network.

05 years again network business

after several years of network economy tide, the time came in 2005, although I re run my traditional industry at that time, hotels, agriculture and other projects, but I still very concerned about the development of network, the network environment is better than the original, and just a comparison favors the development of the network friends because of the working relationship contact several times, think that networking opportunities is still relatively large, so the main re registering a company "Hangzhou billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd (glasses mall)" began to build a team, fully in accordance with the mode of operation of the company’s development company. Through a few years of continuous exploration, but also with the online shopping environment popular among the people, our company’s development is also accelerating the pace.


operation mode: through the national network of radiation glasses users, reduce operating costs, reduce intermediate links, products, sales, online simulation test, with a series of measures to ensure the quality, technology and service, completely let the glasses industry price return value. Our slogan is "very quality, three price". "With us, glasses will no longer be profiteering,"

‘s current situation,

based on the construction and development of a few years of development efforts, the company’s core team is very consistent, from the website, regular glasses technology, the company’s management, service to the consumer, product positioning and a series of work. The impact of the site has gradually increased, the daily amount of visits and registration to accelerate the increase, including the current amount of transactions is also expanded every month. At present, Hangzhou headquarters has two entity stores, and more and more consumers are accepted and recognized. The same is also true of local >

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