Don’t let me get lost. (Part 2)

to a serial (don’t let me get lost. The analysis of site navigation (Part I)), this article introduce that how to analyze, how to optimize and can prevent the visitors on the site when browsing the exit site, an efficient transformation.

4 confirmation points for

[station navigation]

in the last article, we discussed how to find and optimize the main points of [station navigation] bottlenecks and the main points of two, this article introduces the contents of three and four.

first, let’s review the 4 main points:

which pages prompted the user to exit the site

two, whether users in the site "lost" situation,

three, which pages related to the transformation of the site

four should not focus solely on successful navigation, but should also focus on the failed route,

when station navigation becomes the bottleneck of complete transformation:


this article explains the main points three and four. About the main points one and two, you can see the last article.

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three, conversion related page

have you ever heard of the term "conversion related pages"? The so-called transformation related pages refer to the pages that users have seen before they have reached a transformation or reached a transformation process. We will focus on these pages for analysis and optimization, will be more conducive to achieving transformation.

so, how do you analyze and optimize these conversion related pages,


analyzes the 3 steps of converting related pages

I locked conversion related page

II optimized conversion related pages

III adds traffic to conversion related pages


I locked conversion related page

in order to lock the conversion related pages, we should analyze the conversion page or conversion process in the home page of the source page what?. If our website analysis tools can reverse the behavior of visitors in the website, it is easy to lock the relevant pages. The following example in path analysis dimension analysis "(tree)" select the node analysis into the target page (official website for trial dimension analysis, and the path of the page) to reach the target page of "reverse analysis", you can lock the page clear transformation related what is the content page.


II optimization conversion related pages >

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