Explosive intensity topic you choose flow or loyalty


looked at Admin5, he found an article about the most serious mistakes in running web sites: traffic, VS, loyalty,   link is http://s.admin5.com/article/20080503/82755.shtml 

I have not read his content, I have an answer in mind. I chose the flow according to my actual situation. Reason: 1, I am a new person, no one knows who I am, I also can not get what "high quality" things to improve the so-called loyalty. 2 I know very well that no traffic equals no money, and I need money very much, and the sooner the better. 3, and then stand to see what I see, a little far away from the point of view of this problem, I still need traffic, why do not say why. The reason why I write this is because I think so, the natural choice. That’s my point, too.

, I believe many of us are grassroots webmaster, we are new, grassroots, did not make any money. Do standing in the end is technical activities, skills, live or coolies live? The above 3 are possible, depending on your choice. Everyone will say, loyalty is high, of course, like Admin5, everyone comes to visit every day, this is loyalty. But when I’m a new person, a new domain name, even if I’m given a exactly the same Admin5, no one will know where I stand. Where does loyalty come from? What’s more, it’s difficult to be a station like admin5.

this is a good fit for all new owners. If you act as a new webmaster, you think you are decent, you cattle, you can persist, you must engage in a loyal web site, then I can not help. But to be sure, you must fail. Say it again… Well, this sentence seems a bit extreme, it does not write out.

traffic or loyalty this problem, all the webmaster in the station process will encounter. There are a lot of people say, "stand doing" depressed, such and such is not smooth, the actual problem is not solved.

finally, do you choose traffic or loyalty?  , please give me your opinion.


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