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in the commodity economy under the conditions of commodity, the small scale of production, production and market trading varieties are limited, narrow range of changes in supply and demand is relatively stable, the competition is not very intense, commodity producers and operators is easy to grasp the changes in the market. Therefore. Market research is only in the original, spontaneous, low-level state. But in the relatively developed under the condition of market economy, commodity production scale expansion, huge production, varieties, specifications, color range; consumer demand is not only a large amount of multi-level, complex and changing rapidly; the fluctuation of supply and demand; market has exceeded the size of region and even national boundaries; fierce competition. Faced with this situation, enterprises must through market research, fully grasp the market information, in order to make the correct management decisions, invincible. There is no doubt that this is the consensus among many entrepreneurs. However, cognition and practice are very different in reality. Because of career reasons, I have participated in many enterprise research projects, according to my observation, the current enterprise market research activities have many misunderstandings, is a lost ship.

misunderstanding 1. Enterprise market research only pays attention to the past and present situation, but ignores the future development trend

we can’t forget that marketing is a game for the future. If you agree with this view, market research is a necessity for future research. Therefore, our research should focus on mining the market trend.

because of my work, I have met with many research reports from enterprises. The overall impression is that most of the report is a reflection of the past and the present market situation involves much, for the future of course, on the future market trend is expected to depend on the market in the past and now the data collection and analysis. However, this is only an important way to obtain future data, not all, or even the best way. The most direct way should be in the market research activities, trying to tap the market information. For example, I have seen a beer in the market research consulting project, we deeply appreciate the consumer taste and health function of beer more and more value, but for all types of consumers in the future really want to drink what kind of beer we are still very fuzzy. In fact, many consumers have also said clearly, at this time, the researchers induced and inspiration is particularly important, for example, to guide them to answer to cool hot weather still has certain therapeutic effect and so on varieties, through persistent efforts, always made some achievements. Later, we also help enterprises to develop a new type of beer, this beer after the listing of good performance, the fact proved that the investigation results of the forward-looking and accuracy.

misunderstanding two, qualitative research and more quantitative research, less

The current

Enterprise Market Research Report is qualitative research report, according to the above I observe this report can account for all the reported 80%, the biggest drawback is the qualitative report is not accurate, so as to bring inconvenience for enterprise decision-making. As an illustration of this problem, I have seen a product survey report of an enterprise. General >

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