After all, there will be a seed for you

is a girl, after graduating from high school, not admitted to the University, was placed in the village primary school teaching. As a result, less than a week to go home.

mother comforted her: "full belly thing, some people pour out, and some people can not pour out, you do not teach, it does not matter, there may be more suitable things waiting for you to do.".

later, the girl worked as a textile worker, a marketing administrator, an accountant, but without exception, she gave up halfway.

however, every time a daughter fails to come back, her mother always comforts her and never complains.

was 30 years old, her daughter as a deaf mute school counselor, and later opened a school with disabilities themselves, and set up the disabled person supplies chain in many city, have their own piece of heaven and earth.

one day, the successful daughter asked her mother, "I have failed all those years, and I feel that the future is very slim. But why do you always have faith in me?"

mother’s answer is simple and simple: "a piece of land is not suitable for planting wheat, you can try a kind of beans; beans are also planted bad words, you can grow melons; melons and fruits are not good, maybe you can grow buckwheat.". After all, there will be a seed suitable for it, there will always be a harvest."


website is this! To do right! I started in March this year to the school website, now had at least 50 stations, what type of contact are! Just do Wangzhuan station, do a few days on the Internet to see an entertainment station program, down and entertainment station, and later do the movie station, photo station, station, just started for several months, I basically every day in the exchange program, do other station, then just because the contact site of this industry, and not what technology, every day online download, get two days to download! I remember that I never advertised my website is always very silly very naive to think, do beautiful website on someone to


finally changed the site every day, tired of changing, and began to bother. So I decided to do a website, do not change! On the Internet for a few days did not find what good source! But found CMS this thing, the background on the use of Google search, the original site CMS is used, and very simple, so you begin to contact with the original meant! The domain name of the website, but before is.Cn, listen to others to say now without a.Com is no good! Then bought a domain name, ha ha, I also have.Com! Like a few days, finally decided to do a bisexual station! Due to simple weaving, soon the site built! The next work is of course to promote the promotion, but I began to sweat, utterly ignorant of! Google search promotion method! After a few days to learn some basic methods of promotion! (the sex network) less than a month every day With about 1500 independent IP, happy >

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