What is the benefit of getting CCEBS certification and becoming a EBS certificate holderCreate hea

share after the end of the lottery link, draw on-site entrepreneurs get beautiful gifts. The event, the organizers also prepared by Jane, Beijing women and children’s Hospital in Washington to find the souvenir, and Fenjiu Group provide drinks tea, held to provide good logistical support for the success of the activity".

as the founder of start-up companies, Geng Wei teachers to their own entrepreneurial experience, how to use marketing thinking to do content. He noted that the content of entrepreneurship, also like to do marketing, to determine the content of positioning, communication channels, target users and content production processes, to product, social content, content to cultivate good communication environment and the user group.

to the egg solution business founder and CEO Geng Wei, a top public relations business director Zhang Shuai and the Jingdong’s official green lecturer Jin Manzheng, bring "how marketing thinking" content "entrepreneurial companies to build their own brand" "personal brand marketing how to sell yourself to share" theme.

and for the establishment of the brand of start-up company, with many years of experience in public relations, Zhang Shuai, director of public relations business, with several cases, analyzed the significance and importance of brand communication to the enterprise. Through the establishment of brand image, to users or consumers to leave the initial impression, and through the media gradually deepen the impression, so that users and consumers have a certain ability to Lenovo brand, but also set the status of the industry to lay the foundation for enterprise.

Jin Manzheng, a popular lecturer, has a very lively sharing. First of all, he used modern people’s daily hobbies and habits as a point of questioning, and asked the audience how many angles the brand building should take into consideration. At the same time, with the most popular products as an example, 5 advertising channels are proposed. Finally, to entrepreneurs stressed the importance of traffic transformation. Share the last small eggs, but also to the audience is not a small surprise, the whole share of fun, applause, laughter constantly.

The event invited


1.IEBS certificate holders through the system learning to obtain four major capabilities:

Bring a lot of convenience

to promote trade healthy and sustainable development of all countries in the world, promote the development of the network technology to develop talents in international trade, business use is very scarce, TIPS and DEV>

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

on July 6th afternoon in Beijing, still in the scrub of heavy rain. Hit the headlines, Hong Tai Analysys, joint innovation space struggle auditorium, running small coffee show, eggs and other partners in the solution of entrepreneurial innovation space Wangjing Hongtai space held on the theme of "Excuse me you really will play ~ brand marketing?" entrepreneurial class activities, invited three guests with hundreds of entrepreneurs together discussion on brand marketing related topics, warm atmosphere, All seats are occupied.

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