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other categories 1.5% 50%

"Economic Information Daily" reporter saw in Sichuan, Chengdu, Beijing electricity supplier entrepreneurs Xie Qin, he is constantly calling the trustee, "find the way" to visit the relevant departments responsible person.

Ladies / ladies boutique 5% 50%

he put hope into the electricity supplier sector, in the first half of this year, the company sold 8 million yuan, gross margin of about 60%. But he is also just a network advertising expenditure accounts: 30%, sales of electronic business platform deduction 5%, personnel and operating costs 40%, so not only did not net profit, online sales still at a loss.

in my opinion, we should strengthen the promotion of the store, and dilute a little single product promotion, which is not only conducive to the novice Amoy revenue increase confidence in the short-term, turnover is also very helpful to improve. Under this trend, the increase in turnover no longer means low income, and may even exceed the high income of a single product promotion station. Of course, it is still impossible to achieve, after all, this policy has not yet refined shape. In general, for want of Station Guest promotion friends, I suggest to establish a unique store promotion station. It will do you good.

beauty skin care / body / essence 3% 40%

Mens 5% 50%

although the amendment is not clear yet, we can see the trend and the commission policy of the store will become more and more thin. This also means that the guest will have a new promotion direction.

make up / perfume / hair / tools 3% 40%

"Economic Reference News" reporter survey found in Sichuan, Shandong, Jilin, Zhejiang and other places, business is good money Nanzhuan so many small network operators increasingly headache, promotion costs become an important cost benefit. Many interviewed network operators admitted that online shop "promotion expenditure" has reached or even exceeded 20% of sales.

"the development of new customer costs too much, we now use WeChat and other new media to do marketing and old customers to share rebate activities, and strive to maintain old customers into fans, saving the cost of fighting into a profit." Mr. Chen said.

in several large electronic business platform, opened a shop operating clothing business Shaoxing business owner Chen, originally to do traditional textile production and export. In recent years, the foreign trade situation is not good, he and several business partners to invest together, started a clothing network sales business. In the traditional textile production and sales areas, Mr. Chen said: "although the sales of million to do business, but the average profit of less than 5 points, over the past few years mainly rely on the export tax rebate policy, and tax evasion way barely alive, then do not want to engage in business".

lead: dilemma as shunts allow electricity from the grassroots game become rich people who can play channels rich handsome race, ordinary entrepreneurs think the probability of success has become increasingly low.

many small network operators said that dilemma — financing, innovation and profitability difficult difficult — as shunts allow electricity providers from the grassroots game become rich people who can play channels rich handsome race, ordinary entrepreneurs think the probability of success is more and more low.

After the

"I opened a shop in several electronic business platform, with an average gross profit of about 40%.". But after deducting labor, rent and other expenses, the rest of the money almost all voted on the electronic business platform to do promotion." From Beijing network business small Yu said, "do not do promotion, no money, do promotion, also no money, we fell into a predicament."".

wanted to add in the original, but has been locked, please forgive me! Now the point, Ali mother issued a new policy in the end what? This policy for the classification setting on the shop floor commission. After the classification Commission is adjusted, the specific circumstances are as follows: virtual goods are still not subject to commission


station crown www.huangguanba Taobao crown shop Guinness, I hope everyone can support or exchange. :609752729

new format encountered old management

believe that many have been soaked in Amoy Ali mother forum, I believe we have seen guest complain a lot one point five percent commission shop!! in fact, I am also one of them, the station’s crown www.huangguanba has been poisoned by income, not to mention up to have been the reason, because it is difficult to store promotion station to control the flow of. 10.18, I published the crown bar, a month of drilling experience, there are corresponding skills, the effect is also some, here again send a map to prove feasibility.


category name minimum commission maximum Commission

"the postal service has stopped me on the basis that it does not conform to the relevant provisions of the postal law. In particular, it has been unable to obtain the qualification certificate for couriers and warehouses." "If I change, it becomes a traditional express company, what’s the point of innovation?"

classification Commission is adjusted, the details are as follows: virtual items are not subject to commission at present

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