How to become a qualified Webmaster share with new friendsFree dancing pit 210 thousand mobile phone

how to be regarded as a qualified webmaster, in fact, we all have a clear mind, and the words are also very hazy. I’ll start with my own situation. First, I don’t speak PHP, I can’t write templates, and I don’t have a lot of technical stuff. But when people ask me, you what this webmaster, I will be very proud to tell them, I am a very qualified webmaster.

yes, you can do it, write a template, and have more skills. You’re a technician at best.

how to promote your website more effectively:

SMS operators to sell special service number SMS Union, SMS alliance, and many webmasters. These three parties use free registration, crazy cheat netizens money, divided into. These websites say that they are free to register. In fact, as long as you send your mobile phone information to a special service number, then your mobile phone may be deducted tens of dollars or even hundreds of yuan.

free registration did not see but detained 60 yuan to go.

"because it saw the free registration, see not money, afraid of what is registered. But I went in and saw nothing to be expected of the wonderful show." Li Qi later on the police said his original idea.

like him "webmaster is very simple, can be said to be sitting at home waiting for money. He built three or four websites, and the cost of building a website was 100 to 200 dollars. Once the site has been built, it can be used for a long time. He just sits on the Internet, through or through

for the outer chain

in fact, careful people should know, as long as your article is original or half of the original article, imperceptibly your keywords will appear in your content page, content page optimization than other optimization keywords are more important, this is my personal view. Say the wrong master, do not laugh at me, the collection of the article, of course, there are key words, but that is all repeated things, Baidu will K drop your website, who can not guarantee. After all, we Chinese individual webmaster is to see Baidu mood, can decide our life and death.

from the site first

I don’t know what the so-called optimization, I only know a website is not very mature too much to do one last optimization results must be K, in Baidu, you actually have the same industry website optimization many leader on the website without your station so serious for 1? A key time on OK, I think so. I like the station, the optimization of the above address bar is the site name _ to create the best material around the space station "this format.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,


this is coolies live, really hard. I remember when I stood just built I was at the same time from 4 stations, the most headache every day is to send the chain, too tired. First of all, to find similar forums, but also to find "PR high popularity."

webmaster orientation:

then, from the optimization point of view:

2, the site column category must be detailed, convenient for your users to find what they need.


is always a word, I believe that as long as you are hard to do, hard to find articles for the user, even if you are not original, just to find similar sites boutique, find you feel useful things, and then modify the release, the mind is used to users, this is Baidu sorry not you, waiting for you to grow up to be the right station optimization is the king of the road.

my own definition, the webmaster is how to use their own experience and ability to own website promotion out, let more people know your site, more and more people love your website, this can be a qualified webmaster.

1, the site does not demand more technical, spend more, more avant-garde, but must pay attention to generous and neat, so that people do not feel bad.

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