Summary of 09 years of personal webmaster some way to make moneyHow to stand on the shoulders of gia

! market!

five: online shop, and now free sites and forums everywhere, such as Taobao shop, buy no shop no charge, you can open a shop online, selling things, but also can help others to act as agents,


due to more access to the Internet and the first half of last year in stationmaster net, and a teacher learn to engage in network related knowledge, through their own experience and observation, found that if good use of Internet, we can get a lot of things on the Internet, also earn appropriate rmb. Here are some of the online money making methods I’ve summed up.


one: online editor, help BBS post replies. This is a relatively easy and free to make money, if you can find a job, a month to earn a sanwubo right as a part-time Why not?. I’m doing this right now, and it feels great,

, if there are some good methods that haven’t been mentioned, I hope everyone will leave a message for you,

four: video editing, there are a lot of engraving DV, can put the video post production, this technology is not difficult, and there is also the

to cultivate an advanced account is not simple, take the current sh419 rules, four titles to reach 800 points can be. My approach is to batch register N accounts, so that each new account has a gift of 20 points. Then take out an account to answer, and the rest of the account is used for questions. According to sh419’s regulations, the answer can be directly received 20 points a day. After the answer, and then change the IP, the adoption of the best answer, so that the system will be given 20 points, plus a small reward of 20 points, the average question and answer can get 40 cents in return. If one day to complete 20 question and answer, can develop a level Four account. I was in this way, in half a month to raise a dozen high title accounts. Then use these account questions and answers, the effect is very good.

three: flash, Photoshop, the Internet was the case of special effects and pictures, if this technology is the master, you can make like that look cute, fun things, the Internet was also purchased; professional flash production is also very popular with the majority of users are welcome to

now, whether it is doing Taobao customers, or do click advertising or violent products, most people’s practices are through SEO traffic and transformation. But sh419 is so changeable that when we do the station, there is always a feeling of "pirate ship". Although we use our best efforts to maintain stability, we are still swayed by the surrounding environment and stand on shaky heels.

I often ask myself, "is this the life I want? Is it true that my station will always live on sh419? No, I believe there must be a way to get rid of it.". After a long observation, I found that sh419 is very popular with its products. In particular, sh419 knows, as long as it relates to the "how", "how" kind of long tail words, know the results always appear in the front. Since these platforms are open to women, why don’t you make good use of them?.

two: Internet writer, if writing can be compared www.hngwyw this website to recruit Internet writer, he also gave more then good at creation, find a job, in my writing ability is a kind of improvement, but also can earn money income. Such writers are needed in general literary websites or forums,

gifted director Jiang Wen’s "let the bullets fly" not only reflected in the public praise, but also climbed all the way at the box office, creating a new myth. Just like the lines in the movie, Jiang Wen stood and made money. Look at the silver dollar on the screen, no one is not tempted. So, for our grassroots webmaster, how can we stand to earn money? The answer is very simple, to stand to make money, we need to step on the shoulders of giants to catch money.

just started doing sh419, and when I knew it, I was a tough nut to crack, and I couldn’t add a connection to the question and answer for a day. But obviously someone has done very well, how can I get here?. Later, I looked at the master’s account number, the basic level is above four, no wonder sh419 will be so generous to let them add connection. Therefore, the author has also set the goal for oneself, raises 10 four levels of accounts in ten days.

seven: to be a paper gunner, to help people write undergraduate thesis, master’s thesis, this point, without experience is very difficult to do!


nine: buy a website that you feel can be operated directly in bbs.admin5, and then run to make money, or buy a few good website programs, resell, and then register the domain name and auction again.

six: a web site, you can use the free online resources to understand and try it is best to buy a domain name, and useful, and then later when developed to a certain extent to buy a bigger space, make a point to the website, through their own promotion and maintenance as long as, well done, can be profitable, of course, this is not a simple thing! If the profit mode is good, have commercial value, it can still be a try

some friends are too busy to do this, but how can you climb on the shoulders of giants without a lot of setbacks?. When you really step on the shoulder of sh419, you will find the scenery here is very fascinating. First of all, you know the answer will get very good rankings, and secondly, this ranking is much more stable than the independent site, the most important


eight: play online games, sell equipment, professional gamers are so living, but not recommended! After all, we all know the harm,

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