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You see this table

you mind immediately think that hoarse TV shopping / street food pyramid style propaganda: as long as 998, as long as 998, XX>

well, big health, right? It’s an air outlet, and the minimum judgment for a demon girl is still there. But looking down, the table became darker and darker, and at last it was covered with black thread –

Author: Anand Iyer Threadflip product supervisor

in 2009, Airbnb, whose revenue was only around $200 a week, was almost bankrupt, and since then, it has had about 9000000 users. Etsy has been in operation for nearly 10 years and has doubled its valuation in the recent two rounds of financing. These progressive, but ultimately successful start-ups, have paved the way for the emergence of new forces like Uber and Lyft.

of course, all this was done anonymously. With the use of mobile phone users to improve frequency, mobile App Co should pay extra attention to the appearance and function of the product design, can not be too simple. How much would you like to spend in exchange for faster service and secured transaction guarantees? This is the opportunity for start-up companies like these trading platforms.

up to watch Wang Kai Xin bright blind venture circle you readme:

, Postmates, Getaround, Taskrabbit, etc., are rapidly eroding the territory of earlier startups represented by Craigslist. Market driven start-up companies are more special because they face more complex and diverse customer groups. In the process of connecting buyers and sellers, such companies need to strive to ensure good interaction between users at both ends and between the user and the platform. As a product manager, second-hand clothing trading platform Threadflip I think, establish and maintain multi trust for such enterprises is very important, although the trust word sounds quite subjective and difficult to grasp, but in fact, the establishment of trust system is rule-based.

compilation: history, Xiangyu,

said it was indeed "magical", Wang Kaixin at the age of 17 easy to get 20 million yuan of venture capital investment, including many well-known institutions. At that time, investment institutions to grab the project in full swing, see Wang Kaixin like to see the future.

18 year old former magic department CEO Wang Kaixin "again"

, "when I was 15 years old, I started the magic department store, and when I was still a teenager, I was earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, becoming a" gifted girl "in major media reports".


, 17, got 20 million of venture capital and went on to Beijing TV’s Unicorn show, which saw more than ten million visitors nationwide, and media commentary reported 10000+."

is 18 years old, was supposed to be a sink in the heart to accept the good education the age girl Wang Kaixin has completely wait, want to make in the business tide.

when opening monologue: huh? This "mad pull cool hanging fried days next to the demon

any start-up company responsible, should meet the needs of users on the basis of continuing to build beyond expected service. Most mobile applications have a buyer seller evaluation system, such as Uber, Flywheel, Lyft, and so on. At the end of each trip, they will remind drivers and passengers to evaluate the use experience. To make these data truly valuable, >


to create super expected service, first to carefully analyze the Craigslist. As a platform user, you need to constantly search, send mail to the seller or service provider, and later to keep in touch with them in order to achieve the entire transaction process monitoring.


dropped out of high school, got 20 million finance, and lost. Wang Kaixin only took more than a year.

"the new recruit project co-founder, the initial quota is 50, the threshold is a one-time goods 500 thousand, but the project in the panel stage, I do not need to cut directly to the threshold, 200 thousand, or even 80 thousand, as long as you can become the first batch of 50 thousand my co-founder."

this time, she packed herself up as a successful serial entrepreneur, trying to fool a group of young people eager to get rich, using fifty thousand yuan to become the co-founder of her new company.


, according to Wang Kaixin, "this time she’s doing a big business in the field of health.". However, she is the venture capital circles a "old fox", know what kind of words to impress potential customers or investors.

startups to succeed, they need to get the user’s attention as quickly as possible. User stickiness is critical. As a result, Craigslist and other companies will not easily collapse. The future trend is that most users will gradually focus on better performing platforms. Many people want mobile phones to perform more functions, which is why more and more companies are becoming more and more popular. Focus on a specific field of mobile applications, by doing fine, deep, you can also win, such as deep plowing Homejoy in the field of home economics.

myopia, exaggeration, profit seeking…… When she was young, Wang Kai became a typical venture capitalist, and she learned many routines".

she also quite understand the meaning of audience, hemp Jiecha said, "a lot of people are guessing, do several successful projects, what will the devil girl next step then, when I was 18, I was aiming for in the health industry, and I believe this direction is absolutely a strong wind coming in."

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