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is now a lot of people are in the damp, humid body weakness, people often feel sleepy, appetite will be greatly reduced, there will be some serious gastroenteritis phenomenon. In vivo moisture will make people feel very uncomfortable, and sometimes lead to excessive body moisture is due to improper diet, there are a lot of people are moisture food can not eat the body, what is the moisture can not eat


1, cold food

for body moisture heavy people, cold cold food to eat because the food is cold cold will cause the body’s moisture increase, of course, depends on the specific foods and practices such as melons in summer season, if not what to eat, but after the fall in the cold is more prominent at this time, it is best not to eat.

2, dessert

in the body of the wet weight of people can not eat too much sweet food, sweet food is good for the spleen, but eat more will increase the body’s moisture, sweets, including all the sweet snacks to eat less. Usually you can eat some pepper to sweat, can also choose to eat some PR, Gorgon, barley and other body to remove moisture.

3, greasy food

body moisture friends do not often eat too greasy food, Feiganhouwei will lead to increased body moisture, and fried food, fried food should eat. Usually pay attention to diet light, drink plenty of water, which is helpful to the body detoxification and dehumidification.

what moisture cannot eat? Body moisture can not eat the food is cold food, greasy food and sweets these three, you need a lot of attention in everyday life. In addition, the body has moisture friends also need to adhere to do some proper exercise, develop good habits, so for dehumidification is also effective.

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