On site included disappearing for three reasons

: site content is the content of the collection

most webmaster headache problem is what the site collection are disappearing, although the number may disappear rarely, immediately and not see what effect, but it reflects a problem, that is the site is moving in the wrong direction. Under normal circumstances the site optimization is to improve the amount collected and rankings, which included reducing means the site itself is not good situation. For this problem the site will appear, as shown below:

two: no content value of

three: page URL site failure

for visitors

search engine criterion is to continuously improve the user friendly experience, they want to provide users with search results. For our site only to meet the development of the conditions of search engine and user better. Then the search engine how to judge the content of the site we value? It depends on the search engine algorithm determines. Of course, the basic content of the article by such as paragraph format, which is also a basic judgment, a publishing content is not naturally perplexing about search engine. Sometimes, the search engine may also according to the content of the site to determine the amount of reading. The author who, to search engine and user valuable content is the basis to keep your collection.

One of



will appear this site is pure acquisition station and copy and paste the station. Although these copy the contents of the collection began to be included, but with the discharge of search engine for duplicate content in its database. We will find the site collected online repeated high content. If your site is relatively low, these included the contents will be deleted. The author thinks that we can’t provide as the site even if a lot of original content, we can insist on doing part of the contents of the original, part of the collection.

included the site every day have disappeared, for the collection of reduced, is nothing more than standing outside and inside factors, the author analyzes the situation about the chain, the chain that is in a stable state, so the author thinks that should be analyzed from the station. So what is the station may lead to the site included decreased

for this we can say that the site appears dead link. Dead link is generally our site upgrade or edit delete content will produce, some can not open the page become a dead link, these dead links even when using the 404 error page will make the site included continue to decrease, especially the use of dynamic pages on the site, because the current search engine for some special characters of dynamic pages grab is not very good. The site is clearly because of this reason the site included decreased. Because the station.

From the above we can see that the

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