How to use the flow statistics tool in the search word keyword analysis

keyword analysis?Keywords:

this is a small website optimization search words.

How do the !>

if you often go to see it, but also with the website related keywords, these words can be used for the site. The greater the flow, the general search volume will be relatively large, the relatively large flow can be considered appropriate to add some content, or focus on the promotion, the effect will be good.

Many will find no dig out your

look at those keywords bring traffic are associated with the site location, if you locate the delicacy recipes, the results of the keywords a pile of health care, the correlation is very low, so the customers are not accurate, will greatly affect the conversion rate. Why not related, the main reason is the keyword positioning, so that the chain anchor text, also followed the inaccurate anchor text, there is a situation that other sites to the chain is not accurate, the control is not good, but if you can find each other after modification.

keyword analysis, in addition to using the keyword tool to help us analysis, traffic statistics tool in the search term is a valuable resource that can be used.

Analysis of

first, look at the word search interface, as shown below:

site keywords is a top priority for the website optimization, it is related to the positioning of the site (such as visitor location, content positioning, website conversion rate and so on). Determine a good keyword, behind the work are relatively easy to carry out.

keyword relevance judgment

these are small to share with you, if you are welcome to discuss found other uses

today we take cnzz as an example to talk about how to use the flow statistics tool in the search word keyword analysis, of course, other traffic statistical tools is also possible, like Shanghai statistics also did well, but I personally feel comfortable with cnzz, no matter what you use statistical tools, it’s all the same.

we painstakingly do keywords have the effect, there is no traffic, you can view the search term. Do new keywords can see the effect after 1-2 weeks, as long as you look at the two week search words have appeared in those words you do, some words have the effect. If not, we should analyze the reason, is not the ranking did not come up, or is not a keyword, the ranking is up did not flow. In addition, can also look at the flow is mainly from which the search engine, is expected to tell you.


the first point tracking effect of


familiar with the interface, how can we do the

third: new keywords mining

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