How should the production of website content

first, refused to collect carefully reproduced. Now website editor in the production of content is often through four ways, which are reproduced, and pseudo original and original acquisition. The transfer and collection is the most commonly used method of content production, the author denies not only the content, but should be treated differently, especially the acquisition, we must refuse to use, because it is one of the most brutal way will often lead to plagiarism, serious dissatisfaction with the love of Shanghai. It is difficult to obtain the essence of ascension leads to the site. But for reprint, can be reproduced, but also need to reprint the content appropriate editing, such as the Internet has some content of re combination induction, thus forming has the reference value to the user’s content.

website content website editor? How to play its core role in this regard? I think we can edit the production to improve the level of the contents from the following aspects.

third, the high quality of the original. This is obviously the most difficult, after all, this is the original content, is not the content on the internet. So the editors tend to be relatively difficult, this network editor must be on this industry knowledge to learn seriously, to sum up their own income, thinking and thinking, thus forming the contents of the one and only, this is a process of processing creation, rather than simply to imitate. In essence, this is the sublimation of pseudo original. As to network editor for the higher level. But this is also the site can continue to achieve success, if this part of the content is not good, a website to obtain the motive force of sustainable development, is extremely difficult. >

So how to build the The construction site of

second, pseudo original to the rational use of. Mentioned here and in previous years has pseudo original kind of pseudo original has a distinct concept, also is a fact based on the core content of similar, but not identical to the method of expression of pseudo original, just as in the poem, to describe the image of the worry can use many methods, some use "Yichuan tobacco, Mancheng Feng Xu, plum Huang Shiyu" said. Some of it is "like a river flowing to East". The words are different, but the specific content is consistent, which requires the website editor has a rich vocabulary to re write the relevant contents, although these content allows users to determine the readability of deja vu, but is not affected, so it has good utility of rich web content.

is a systematic function, relates to the profit model of planning, content production, customer service service and a series of links. The content of production in many aspects undoubtedly occupy an important position, because this is the basis of Web site operators to survive, so some owners began to pay attention to the introduction of professional website editor responsible for web content production, but in a word, a lot of the content of the web site production is still a lot of problems, including quality and packing is very obvious, this seriously affect the operation of the site quality, bring a great negative impact on the future development of the website even.

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