By love Shanghai recently summed up the Shanghai dragon strategy update algorithm

, a website must be filed.

Chinese along with the growing of Internet users, the content of quality requirements of Internet users are increasingly high voice, love Shanghai algorithm was also shortcomings of some users and owners denounced, plus Zhou Hongyi launched 360 search, quickly seize the love Shanghai 17% users, direct threat to love Shanghai. The first half of Shanghai love as a warning for the future, update algorithm in 2012 more and more quickly, and each big love Shanghai update algorithm will conduct detailed publicity in Shanghai Webmaster Platform, aims to provide a better user experience, showing the quality of content to users, under the love of Shanghai’s recent update summarizes some algorithm I am a Shanghai dragon strategy:

3., 360 love Shanghai has begun to show the information site for the record. If you often focus on medical sites, they may find the love now Shanghai has directly display the record information for medical website, please see below:



1. if the enterprise does not record, once the Ministry found that your site will be forced off, this is undoubtedly a great loss for the webmaster. When you can not use the site you want to record, so you have everything you can to Shanghai dragon cast to waste. Because a website as long as closing more than 24 hours, you have included may be removed, and now in the Ministry of enterprise station for the record, it normally takes 20 days to pass, then 20 days after you again when you query the website data, your website may have already been in gross altitude the.

site record mainly has two forms, one is the enterprise record, a personal record, if you want to carry out publicity or sales on the Internet in the name of the enterprise, we must carry out the enterprise record; if we want to do a blog or to share human type class, not for profit so we must also be in the name of the record, then why should we record the record, what are the benefits of

if your site is not for the record, will let users generate extremely distrust, no record of the site will be doomed to love out of Shanghai. Another example is the 360 browser, a web site can be through the web site for the record box on the left side of the tip can be seen, as shown below:

2. site does not record, can not use domestic space. Many of our webmaster feel for too much trouble, so simple to buy for Hongkong or foreign space, but foreign space has a disadvantage: unstable. With foreign space webmaster may have the experience, often the site open phenomenon, but also the space customer service space problems extremely slowly, if a website is often not open, how to talk about the user experience? Will also reduce the confidence of our web site search engine.


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