Create a top-level web site external links (a law)

Then the bring the real value of the flow The first chapter: the construction of

but the construction of the chain has now become more and more strict, need to pay attention to place more and more, if not for the construction of the chain, so even if it takes more time and do the chain more, there is no much significance. Because the net odd students spend a lot of energy before the construction of the chain, and did not bring good results, so the net odd will how to build the chain is the most effective, the most consistent with the new concept of the chain search engine algorithm.

need to pay attention to the construction of the chain now in many places, the article is divided into several chapters in detail:

may have some of the students will be asked to do now, the chain has been very difficult to do this, the high quality of the chain is not difficult? In fact, website optimization increasingly fierce competition today, you do not do, there is always someone to do, often your rankings do not go up, others website ranking it is often pay.

The construction site of

active external links, the chain


what is called active external links? Before there is a way, is to rely on the click software to automatically search your keywords, and then automatically click on your website, click on the amount of brush site in the search engine above. Then click on the amount, the search engine will think the site is users love, then the weight will be to this website corresponding increase keyword ranking would rely on, but now this has not obvious effect on.

external links is one of the necessary works in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, even some webmaster 70% of the time in the construction of the chain.

in Shanghai dragon before the Internet developed, then the chain of webmaster motivation is very simple, just to bring traffic to the site. But after the Shanghai dragon developed, now do most of the chain is to improve website ranking, and not to pay attention to whether the link can bring traffic to the site to link is clicked by the user. If you do 1000 links, search engine features, but the real click 1000 link users rarely, it is better to do the 1 click high chain effect to the good. Because traffic can click on the link is the link of high quality.

if the chain is wrong, not only without any help to the site, and the site will be search engine that deliberately optimization, garbage producing chain, serious and even site is down right

link active degree, principle and click on the left is almost, you do the chain of the site, not only can be search engine grab, but also to the user can be found, click on the link. If you click on the external link is much, the search engine will determine whether this link is your users need, natural to input more to increase the weight of the site. This chain is effective, it can really bring to the site weight and traffic links.

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