Keywords ranking third pages before the solution does not stop

first, to understand the needs of users is constantly changing, keyword search page will continue to change. So, how do scientific analysis of the needs of key words? Want to know a certain keyword ranking requirement, it is necessary to analyze the ranking of the first page of the website data, and search demand in the short term can come to know through the drop-down list. These data is the need to adjust the direction of the site, the old user general website loyalty, will directly enter the new user will find suitable for their own needs website. To set the content of the website according to user needs change, can not only retain old customers, but also attract new users.

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This problem is

two, according to the user demand content layout

believe that many Shanghai dragon Er have encountered such a problem, the 21 words in the love of Shanghai natural ranking will not move forward, how to update and send the chain ranking did not change. Below the author with many years of experience to talk about Shanghai Longfeng solutions keywords 21 bit.

, an analysis of user needs

enterprise website does not have too much news and products need to be updated, has been unable to cause the snapshot update. At this time, going through the fine tuning of the page to do the update. Fine tune has two characteristics: one for a page content (generally not more than 30%) of adjustment; two is adjusted based on the search engine to crawl to the content page. By fine-tuning, the content of the website can be updated and user needs to match. Only the latest address the needs of users, continue to attract new users to click to enter and retain old customers, in order to stabilize the keywords ranking, get more traffic.

only to meet the needs of users, in order to get the search engine recognition, so the ranking to do long-term stability. The study of user needs, is the need for statistical data analysis and do a long time, so that we can understand the change of user requirements. Only through the analysis of the data, in order to summarize the rules and layout of the site to foresee, the first step in the competition.

keywords ranking do not stop, can be analyzed from the following three aspects:

three, by fine-tuning the update snapshot

said this, I believe we all understand: to obtain a better ranking, you need to make the user experience, user experience quality evaluation process of search engine website occupies a large proportion; the website to get stable rankings, we need to layout website content according to needs; with the changing needs of the site according to the change of content also needs to constantly adjust.


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