Analysis of several major reasons for the effect is not good

third: Shanghai auction professionals lack of love.


customers are most concerned about is the price, this is my personal experience, a problem most often asked the guests consultation is the price, so when some customers to consult the website, ask price, answer the call to high, guests will leave, he will go to the goods more than three; if the answer is low, or no answer and no profit is not friendly to customers. So the customer service in the offer of the control, is the need to have certain skills, well, you can retain a large.

fifth: product price.

fourth: the decline of the economic crisis related industries benefit.

: the first competitive strength of the whole industry increases again.

second: love Shanghai raise the cost of bidding.

many companies do not have professional network marketing personnel to love Shanghai for account management and maintenance. Just two years before the bidding investment not have customer consultation, now pay more attention on the skills of bidding. The account is not professional, not on the professional website, skill is not good enough, the money is not used in the right place.

The last two years,

as a result of the social price rise, love Shanghai for keywords cost more than a few years ago is rising, at the same time every day to promote investment in the budget increase, and sometimes is not proportional to the number of consulting, making more money spent, the effect is not good. But love Shanghai bidding costs are the same for all competitors, fair.


the heart monitor, you will find that each industry will increase the number of entrepreneurial small companies, because the love of Shanghai bidding threshold is not very high, these small companies have no money Yangtai much salesman, then choose to join the love of Shanghai, to seize the market. However, a regional industry market size in a certain period of time is almost fixed, volatility is not the number of competitors more and more, so down, each enterprise to obtain the market more and more small.

I think there is a bad check Hongjiang 5 reasons to love Shanghai bid effect:

heard a voice of small and medium-sized enterprises "bidding effect is getting worse, more and more high marketing costs. A few years ago a little promotion fee you can bring a lot of potential customers effective consultation, and can deal with some. Now the promotion fee is high, there is little customer consultation, and consulting clients are not traded, more and more do not bid". I am down to the question, I write an article about the article, analysis of the specific reasons, I hope useful for you!

does not rule out the global financial crisis caused by corporate profits decline, the chain reaction benefit related industries also fell. For example, the price regulation of real estate, the building materials, decoration, influence Home Furnishing etc.. Of course, this is we cannot change, fair.

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