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abnormal leucorrhea gynecological experts suggest that daily life is the early manifestations of abnormal leucorrhea gynecological inflammation, there will be odor, normal vaginal discharge should be no odor, is slightly acidic substances, can moist vagina, inhibit pathogen reproduction, changes in women’s health and how much leucorrhea estrogen is proportional to the. Therefore, women have to take good care of their monthly vaginal discharge, leucorrhea abnormal smell is the early stage of the disease.

for leucorrhea abnormal smell, we should be very concerned about the changes in this area, now Xiaobian to share with you about the cause of abnormal leucorrhea. Similarly, we can in the next time when abnormal leucorrhea to identify their own situation.

1 pelvic inflammatory disease can cause abnormal vaginal odor. The symptom is leucorrhoea more than normal leucorrhoea much, and can accompany menstruation is not adjustable. When severe abdominal pain, such as ants bite the same abdominal pain!

2 cervical disease the disease frequently occurs in most women, because of sex between men and women can cause cervical erosion, and childbirth uterine so fragile for many reasons, so many people have cervical diseases. Few people do not have the slightest cervical disease!

3 infection from a medical point of view has always advocated we should pay attention to personal hygiene, women should have their own private cleaning items, such as iron basin or other basin (instead of the high-temperature basin). Clean up your privacy! Pathogen infection can cause many diseases.

4 cervical cancer can also cause abnormal leucorrhea, but cervical cancer is only because of several reasons above cause cancer, when cervical cancer has been a big problem leucorrhea, may also lead to very frequent menstruation. Severe cases can lead to our body’s ischemia. So we have to pay attention to the change of our leucorrhea.

through the above overview of why we should be for leucorrhea disease, but I most want to emphasize the most important thing is our private department of health. Leucorrhea abnormal smell must find the cause.

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