Why is the web site of the weight of low rank low

chain is too small is one of the reasons, the chain can bring weight for the site, but also can enhance the site’s ranking. So we have to channel to do the chain, such as forums, blogs, etc. Post Bar, but note that we should pay attention to the correlation of the chain.

and the way to get outside the chain of more resources for their own website, but get the benefits at the same time we should also note that this low quality waste will affect the search engine on our website to crawl and index. The consequences are likely to be right down even by K station, The loss outweighs the gain.

although some sites made a large number of the chain, but the quality is very low, the low quality of the chain of natural no effect, so a large number of low quality of the chain as a small amount of hair outside the chain of high quality, it is more practical. But the low quality of the chain is not good for the website optimization.


user experience is the search engine to the site rankings and the weights of the main factors. The user experience is high, the search engine to the site of the weight and ranking is high. So we want to website optimization thoroughly, to meet the needs of users. This article is by Yue Fen Technology (贵族宝贝52lefen贵族宝贝/fuwuxiangmu/) provides the original, reproduced please indicate the source

5, the user experience is not good

1, outside the chain of low quality

3, the chain of less

some of the site itself a problem, not necessarily what time is K, so it is very likely to affect our website. Therefore, we must constantly check our website Links. In case the Links site was K involved in our website, such trouble.

4, induced by the link


2, friends of the chain have problems

Many people used to link The

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