Shanghai Longfeng workers enjoy the life skills summary

The first We

third summary of their own resources


forum you are a person, or are you only do Shanghai Longfeng this work, or are you just a hair of the chain, exchange Links staff. If you do this to a year or so, you will have your own relationship aspects, this is we have to go to the business circle of friends. You are not an exchange Links reminds me of a friend; still need to do outside the chain of time (love Shanghai know), you find someone answered a question for me! Or you after the A5 to write a good article, let others to increase the popularity of you to think of others. In fact, above all this should not be a mature Shanghai dragon worker or webmaster do things. We do not feel that these things are not important, but when we need to know about his precious time. So, we usually in fine or what time we summarize yourself in this friend, experience in touch, if you can in a piece to eat a meal, what kind of chat in one place, so that their own circle of friends, their network will gradually build up to.


summary of his method


recently, because love Shanghai leads us to update the station and set the wind down the chain, we recently promotion efforts to slow down, I am looking for reasons, there is some things summed up his had done before, feel no matter what kind of website or no matter what industry, the summary should is the most important, we can refer to the following summary:

I think for me to do Shanghai, it’s not a long time, it is time for two years, in the past two years have done a lot of things, web design, website design, website planning, there is a forum, to set up a group blog and writing articles, these things do what would be two years later kind of effect. If it is for a station can be very effective, if it is on a number of stations could come out of the effect is not too obvious. However, two years after you have accumulated these things is my own resources. Whether it is love, love Shanghai Shanghai know account Post Bar account; or forum account level and so on.

second summary of their network

in the website optimization time, especially when we just started to do the time, we don’t have too much experience to be found, we can only go on the net search experience of others. However, when we do a period of time, we should have their own ideas, have their own way of thinking, we can also bring some of their own experience to the novice; although the above method is a commonly used old method, and it is this old method to let different people to do different effect.

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