The four elements of the long tail keywords to site drainage

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settings page is to get traffic from search engines. I can’t put the user experience and keywords ranking up together, we should be based on the keywords ranking and flow. We must have the traffic to that user experience. When we set each page should pay attention to the wording of title and description to be written, Shanghai Longfeng layout of the entire page, all is to accumulate the weight label, rich web content, and is as close as possible to the long tail keywords into the page to.

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I know the popular keyword now is very competitive, so the difficulty of the ranking is also increasing, we want to get traffic through these popular keywords, it seems impossible, because too intense. As the web site to drainage through the long tail keywords is not impossible, but a long tail keyword search index is small, but we can add up all the long tail keywords, the traffic is very large. In general, long tail keywords is the highest conversion rate of the word, and the general website at least tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands to millions of pages, are very common.

is the long tail keywords drainage, so we don’t underestimate the long tail keywords. This article from the Nanning Shanghai dragon team 贵族宝贝nn Shanghai dragon 1贵族宝贝/ please respect the author of labor,

is the title of the page as everyone knows the long tail keywords used to do the long tail keywords search index is very few, but can also bring traffic to your site. We according to the website main keywords to dig out a lot of long tail keywords, must carry on the reasonable layout according to need. The Nanning Shanghai dragon team for the majority of the Shanghai dragon friend introduced the four elements of a long tail keywords drainage.

The four elements above


A large number of long tail keywords

site when we started, the page is very small, so the chain naturally very little. When the chain will be large enough when the site began to play a significant role, may be greater than the effect of the chain. Of course, every page of the weight is not very high, but add up to tens of thousands of pages of words, that is, keywords to target page ranking plays a very important effect.


in a few times love Shanghai update, love Shanghai again stressed the importance of the original article, so we write in, we must ensure that the content of the original degree and the quality of the content, when the search engine found on our website in the original article is, naturally have a crush on site the keyword ranking has also played a significant role.

2. according to Shanghai dragon optimization principle to set each

3. chain set

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