‘ll tell you what real Wangzhuannvalid, delayed and malicious click Adsense

invalid clicks are a fairly common saying, usually seen when the publisher is warned or stopped. Invalid click is a more general concept in shlf1314 Adsense, including the vast majority of the breach and cheating, because as long as it is in violation of the rules and cheating the most direct effect is to bring invalid clicks.

other deliberately invalid click as publisher is usually very concerned, if a user uses the same IP continuous or regular click on ads, invalid clicks often do not produce income will not impact on the account, so when the user clicks on the user see lots of advertisements in the use of statistics do not click worry, do not care about these, click will be recorded on the shlf1314 Adsense report but there will be no income, one of the reasons the advertising price decreased suddenly this is also a lot of people, because the invalid click does not generate income and diluted your price.

1, to provide information to the user effectively, many malicious attacks from providing false and invalid information

2, discontent to establish a good relationship network to the website, "

two, a large number of foreign alliances, for example with CJ so that the old alliance, which better task EPC has hundreds of yuan, the task to Adwords this platform to promote the rate of return is generally more than a few hundred percent, and can be matched with the EMU the operation amount is bigger, a lot of people talk about CJ color because it did not know the ropes, if CJ can fix the first investigation letter is not what problem, but this is actually not much difficulty, a lot of people just got new CJ application even exaggeration have no courage. In addition to CJ, as well as CB, AMZ, MUN these alliances, some tasks cost thousands of knives. A friend some time ago a $1000 price promotion tasks, click on 10W to the 15 conversion, which is equivalent to 10W click 1.5W knife income, an average IP value is 1RMB, while the cost per click is two cents, a tens of thousands on hand. Of course, the platform of its promotion task is also very important, one is the quantity should be large enough, and the other unit price should be low. In the domestic league, the number seems a lot, but the task has scanty, but most of the amount deducted too hard. If the domestic funded friend want to do Wangzhuan, suggest you go to the boats still do sh419 promotion.

flying blog from September 11 up to now, it has gone through two years, boats are also very glad to be with so many friends, their growth is to encourage and support my. Many people in the boats will smell the domestic consulting and foreign Wangzhuan Wangzhuan the difference between how much, if the difference between the first two are essentially Wangzhuan, or do business, this is the same, but the specific patterns and details of the two different and be quite different, according to their boats and some master friends several years of experience simply say:

I’m flying, long time no see you every day, and the boats are also a lot of friends, no matter what kind of friends are not enthusiastic reception, after all we know is fate, maybe one day the two sides will have the opportunity to cooperate.

, first of all, a lot of foreign Wangzhuan after done and the way involved in the domestic Wangzhuan friends will find the original Wangzhuan is so simple! But not domestic Wangzhuan really simple, but mainly has the following two reasons: one is the foreign Wangzhuan developed for more than ten years, the extensive mode of advanced technology, take the advertising system, any foreign alliance can be converted through the promotion of link tracking statistics, domestic and even the most advanced tracking conversion effect of the advertising alliance cannot complete. Two is the Wangzhuan actually appears to be abundant and mostly in the so-called dragons and fishes jumbled together, "project", many of them are short-term operation with a flicker of speculative nature, while the foreign Wangzhuan mode and very can develop ideas, a lot of foreign ideas a little used a small domestic Wangzhuan coffers may appear, Xiaofei said last time sh419 the bidding project is from abroad from the bidding here.

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