How to use the love Shanghai Encyclopedia of marketing

I worked in the truck industry experience, Dongfeng sprinkler, Dongfeng days Kam sprinkler, sprinkler liberation, Fukuda sprinkler such vehicles as belonging to the popular name, any national sprinkler manufacturers can produce this car, so it is not a brand, but the Nanjun sprinkler red box the picture is different, which belongs to a company’s brand, but why it can be through? Mainly because it is their own brand words hidden in these non brand words, so love Shanghai is not recognized, so if users see this love Shanghai encyclopedia, you are likely to remember the Nanjun sprinkler if the user name, turn to love Shanghai to search, this is not the form of a marketing

Shanghai is known as the

love Shanghai encyclopedia is divided into text descriptions and pictures of two parts, love Shanghai Encyclopedia for text review is very strict, if you cut in Wikipedia into their own advertising, or clearly in the picture with its own brand name, it is difficult to pass. But not totally by? The answer is no.. We respectively.

1. full use of love Shanghai encyclopedia text marketing. We need to skillfully implanted, let love Shanghai feel like advertising, the following is my observation that I work in the truck industry in the "truck" love Shanghai Encyclopedia:

we all know love Shanghai very high given the weight of their products, commonly used are: love, love Shanghai, Shanghai Encyclopedia Post Bar love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love video know Shanghai library, if the network marketing or use of Shanghai dragon to the success of the Shanghai love to these platforms, so we can get the traffic will be very impressive. And it will bring us a higher degree of trust. But more is the weight of the high platform, the higher demands of us, because the love of Shanghai as a search engine, must be fair and equitable to treat every webmaster, so we want to use love to go to Shanghai into our marketing, is a very difficult thing, so today we will talk about how to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love marketing.

2. using the reference function of love Shanghai encyclopedia successfully implanted links. The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love has a reference.


, a description.


love encyclopedia is a free encyclopedia, meaning users only have love Shanghai account, you can for a keyword or something to create love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia, covering almost all areas of various industries, and provide the sea due to the content of Wikipedia is a collection of love hundreds of millions of users of wisdom, so love the Shanghai encyclopedia provides content is a reference, but also very easy to obtain the trust of Internet users, so for our Shanghai dragon, in the end. What can we bring? We have a successful application case in Shanghai Encyclopedia of love.

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